Sixth Advanced Course on Management and Development starts in online platform

As per NASC training calendar of 2077/78, sixth edition of Advanced Course on Management and Development (ACMD) program started in virtual platform from 15th Poush, 2077. Dr. Shyan Kirat Rai and Mr. Surendra Chitrakar are heading the training management. Deputy Executive Director Mr. Narayan Gopal Malego was present as the chief-guest of the opening ceremony. Thirty under secretory/class two officers from Nepal Government and various public organizations are participating the program. The program was hosted by Dr. Rai. Center chief of Centre for In Service Training (CIsT) and Director of Studies Mr. Basanta Raj Sigdel, briefed them about the program evaluation criteria and the disciplinary norms they have to follow during the sessions. Deputy Executive Director Mr. Malego inaugurated the program and welcomed the participants with words of encouragement and cautionary note to be present, participate and learn from the training program. He also focused on the importance of training to enhance one's Knowledge and Skill, which will support in the growth of good attitude in oneself. CKMIT team member Mr. Bipin Ojha provided technical training on using the Google Meet and Classroom platform required for the online training.