Poster presentation and plenary session on “Innovating Public Service”

The five days long session on “Public Service Design and Delivery” under Governance and Service Delivery (GSD) for Bagmati, Karnali and Janaki group of 36th BAT group concluded today (15 Chaitra 2079) with the grand poster presentation and plenary session at NASC. The theme of the poster presentation was “Innovating Public Service” where 15 sub-groups presented their innovative ideas after their field visit at the 15 different ward offices of Lalitpur Metropolitan City.

The poster presentation was observed by the Executive Director of NASC, Dr. Rajan Khanal; Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of Lalitpur Metropolitan City, Mr. Ganesh Aryal and Ward Chairperson of ward 9, Mr. Raju Maharjan. The program was then followed by the plenary session where the representative from each group shared their learning reflection of their field visit.

After listening the learning reflections from participants, Mr. Raju Maharjan, the Ward Chairperson of Ward 9 thanked the participants for their hard working in bringing the issues of public service design and delivery at different ward offices of Lalitpur Municipality. He accepted that some of the ward offices still lacked the sufficient space for the effective service delivery and assured that they are trying to solve this problem. He also thanked the participants in bringing the issues of other services like: vital registration social securities and language. Lastly, he expressed his gratitude to the participants for not only identifying the issues but also providing the innovative solutions to the identified issues.

Following the ward chairperson, Mr. Ganesh Aryal, CAO of Lalitpur Metropolitan City was invited to express his remarks on the presentation. For that, he firstly expressed his gratitude that Lalitpur Metropolitan City has been chosen as learning lab of public service design and delivery. Moreover, during his remarks, he presented different exemplary services like: IT based tax collection system; building of Standard of Procedures (SOP); STEM scheme; Citizen Satisfaction Survey and interactive Chat-bot Citizen Charter that Lalitpur Metropolitan has adopted. In terms of addressing the issues of the participants, he assured that Lalitpur Metropolitan will definitely look after the identified issues and will resolve the problems identified.

Lastly, Dr. Rajan Khanal, ED of NASC acknowledged the whole team for the innovative idea of sharing the notions and experiences by the participants. The real participatory session was reflected in this very module introducing the various wards as a learning lab. He then concluded the plenary session with the appreciation and high expectation of its continuation. The plenary session was hosted by Geetanjali Upadhyaya. The session on Public Service Design and Delivery was designed and delivered by a team that comprised Trilochan Pokharel, Rajendra Adhikari, Geetanjali Upadhyaya, Gyan Laxmi Shrestha, Roshani Bhujel and Lila Nath Sapkota.