Opening Ceremony of Managerial Capacity Enhancement Training


Center for Organization Development (COD) under Management Learning Group(MLG) of NASC is organizing an 8-day training programme to scientific and technical officers of National Animal Science Research Institute (NASRI). The opening ceremony was held on 31st May 2022 at Karnali Hall, Mangal Sadan. Mr. Basanta Raj Sigdel, Senior Director of Studies at NASC chaired the program.

Ms. Shushma Chitrakar, Deputy Director of Studies at NASC welcomed the participants and highlighted the context, need, design and learning approaches of the programme. She stated that the main aim of the program is to enhance the managerial capacity to develop functional and behavioral competencies of scientific and technical officers of NASRI which will enable them in providing quality service with greater degree of managerial aptitude and professionalism. She also shed light on the relevance of the chosen sessions for participants as they are on the leadership position.

 Mr Sigdel formally opened the program with his remarks on the inside-out approach followed in designing the programme. He shared that the change is happening all the time around us. So, it is our role as a leader to manage and institutionalize the change.  In doing so, we make our role as meaningful and lively as possible by empowering the next generation to take up the role. He assured that the learning process is life-long.  He also expressed that NASC will assure in creating the conducive learning environment.