NASC Discussion Series on Current Economic Crisis of Sri Lanka

Executive Director of Nepal Administrative Staff College (NASC) Dr. Rajan Khanal presented about the current economic crisis of Sri Lanka at the 69th NASC Discussion Series, held Thursday at Prithvi Hall of NASC.

Dr Khanal, who was also a finance secretary of the Government of Nepal, began his presentation with the geophysical situation and history of Sri Lanka. He then briefed about some of the major causes leading Sri Lanka to the current situation of economic crisis. He also expressed his views regarding the lessons that Nepal can learn from the Sri Lankan economic crisis.

The program was followed by an open floor for discussion, where faculties were involved in expressing their views and in-depth discussion of the topic. Around thirty faculties and administrative staff of the organization attended the event. The program was organized by Centre for Research and Development of NASC and was hosted by the centre-head, Director of Studies Ms. Achala Dahal.