Joint Closing Ceremony of PCMD-7 and PCMD-8

The certification and closing ceremony of Professional Course on Management and Development (PCMD) seventh batch and eighth batch of class III officers of government of Nepal and public institutions which started from 1st Mangshir was virtually held on 29th Poush 2078. The event was chaired by Executive Director of  NASC Dr. Rajan Khanal and Senior Director of Studies and Head of Public Service Training Department (PSTD) Mr. Tulsi Sharan Sigdel; Director of Studies and Chief of Center for Induction Training (CIT) Mr. Trilochan Poudel were also present during the ceremony.
Sharing the learning reflection of the training programme, Ms. Bhawna Pudasaini from PCMD-8 batch, representing 29 participants, thanked NASC, its faculties, training management team, CKMIT for the overall implementation and successful completion of the training program. During her reflection of training, she highlighted that the knowledge and skills learned in during the training will be helpful in capacity building of as service provider in their workplace. It will also help in synergy building among the team members of the institution. She, also highlighted that the training like PCMD will be more helpful in integrity building. 
Mr. Bhojraj Khatiwada from PCMD-7 representing the participants thanked all the stakeholders involved in the training. He highlighted that the training has not only informed the participants rather it has involved the participants. The session like conflict and negotiation with practical implication of bargaining has made the session more interactive. He also suggested that the participants have expectation of more practical knowledge and skill. So, framing the strategy planning and policy memo design sort of sessions should be incorporated in the coming days training programmes. The institution like NASC should be on the philosophy of number one ans only one. 
Sharing the observation and feedback of the overall training, Mr. Trilochan Poudel congratulated all participants who successfully completed the training course. He also requested the participants who could not complete the training due to some unfavorable circumstances, to complete the training in coming days complying the rules and guidelines of NASC’s training programme. Mr. Poudel also shared the how this training has helped in the cross learning among the participants. He also highlighted that how online modality of training has been helpful in pandemic. 
Senior Director of Studies and Department head of Public Service Training Department (PSTD), Mr. Tulsi Sharan Sigdel congratulated all the participant for successfully completing the training. He also highlighted if the satisfaction of the service receiver is increased then it will be true career development. The training has also energized all the participants which will be helpful in service delivery improvement. He, also highlighted how the training has made the participants to use virtual platform as skill. As the coordination and cooperation are the core of Federal governance system, so after the training, the trainees are expected to be more focused on the cooperation and coordination than direction. 
The chair of the closing program, Dr. Khanal congratulated the participants on successful completion of the training and expressed his expectation to reflect the knowledge and learning in their (participants) workplace. He highlighted that how the service receivers are expecting fast and efficient services from the service providers. The service providers must meet those needs and they must work for contactless service with the use of ICT. There is the need of the innovation in the service delivery to make it more efficient and effective. So, all the participants must think for innovation from their own place to make the public service delivery more efficient and effective. 
This seventh batch of PCMD was attended by thirty participants where twenty eight participants successfully completed the training with all of them being graduated in first division where Mr. Suben Babu Kadel stood at the top in the group.
The eighth group of PCMD was attended by thirty participants where twenty-eight participants successfully completed the training with all of them graduated in the first division where Mr. Suidp Regmi stood at the top in the group. 
Lastly, Mr. Tara Prasad Kharel from PCMD-7 and Mr. Dipak Kumar Patel from PCMD-8 congratulated all the participants for successfully completing the training program on behalf of the respective team coordination. They both wished for their successful career ahead and thanked them for their cooperation and active participation throughout the training period.