Graduation ceremony of 46th SEDP

The graduation of 46th SEDP was organized today (28th Chaitra 2080) at Nepal Administrative Staff College (NASC). The ceremony was chaired by Dr. Rajan Khanal, Executive Director, NASC and facilitated by Mr. Nabin Chapagain, Director of Studies, NASC. Mr. Trilochan Pokharel, Senior Director of Studies, NASC was present as the guest along with Mr. Binod Prakash Singh, Secretary, MoFAGA and Narayan Pd. Dawadi, Secretary, OPMCM as the guest and the representative of the concerned ministries. The training programme was commenced from 2080 Bhadra 11 to 2080 Falgun 23 where 25 Joint Secretaries of government of Nepal participated and completed the training.

During the programme, Mr. Chapagain highlighted the features of SEDP where he cited that the course is based on the competency modules containing 5 different modules. He further explained what each module is related and what the participants have learned/exercised. He explained that the participants have prepared five different policies for the government of Nepal and prepared strategic plan for four different organizations/departments.

During the programme, Dr. Rajendra KC, representative form the participants, shared the exposure and learning experience during recent China visit (1-7 April, 2024). He expressed that the ministerial level workshop in China was held in different modular topics followed by field visit for exposure. He added that the group have learnt how China carried out development and what reform were done for the economic growth in China including “the seven miracles” and Chinese fundamentals of democracy. He added that China opts for green development without losing the agriculture land.

Ram Pd. Acharya, representative of the 46th SEDP, also highlighted about the course contents and the modular learning and its importance for Joint-Secretary of the government of Nepal. He added that the participants learnt to maintain integrity, prepare strategic plan, understood weakness of governance, how to connect state and people via policy and how to be a strategic leader. He thanked all faculties management of NASC for providing such conducive environment and the learning avenues. He also provided the feedback to add some more topics in the existing course like negotiation skill, public finance management, public procurement, project management, national security etc

During his remarks Mr. Pokharel congratulated all for successfully completing the scheduled activities of the training course and being graduated today. He added that delivering the public commitment is our responsibilities and for this we need infrastructure and institutions. He agreed that it was challenging to engage the senior executives but it was possible through rigorous involvement to produce the output which was further driven by the NASC’s ED’s vision of “this year should be the historic year in the quality and the quantity of the training”. Further he explained/reiterated the competency framework used in the SEDP module.

During the programme, Dr. Khanal handed over the compendium of strategic plans and policies prepared by the participants to Mr. Dawadi, Secretory of OPMCM.

Mr. Dawadi, during his remarks, congratulated all participants and expressed the full ownership of both of the compendiums. He expressed that we need to ask “why do we need SEDP?” and change the course and the modality accordingly. He explained that there is the problem of credibility within us and SEDP should solve this problem and bridge the gap to maintain the credibility. He remarked that we need to include the knowledge based decision making avoiding the rampant spoilers present in the system. He expressed that NASC is a lab and what we tested in lab, it’s not being synchronized in the real field, which is the existing challenge.

Mr. Singh expressed that such training encourages us to be equipped with knowledge. He added that positivism is not the matter to be learnt rather it should be practiced in everyday life. He remembered and emphesized that NASC is pioneer and excellent training institution from the beginning. Finally, he expressed best wishes to all participants for being graduated.

Dr. Khanal distributed the certificates to each participants. During his remarks, he expressed that the learning has no end and the expectation towards NASC is appreciating. He added that we are planning to revise the SEDP course as per the requirement and the principle of adult learning “learning is best by observation”, so foreign exposure has been added recently for providing best knowledge to the participants. He also highlighted the best process of learning is self-initiation which he clarified from the ancient story of “elephant stuck in the swamp” and expressed his views that we need to learn time and again to create the change. Further he added that the documents prepared are enriched and should be enforced in due consultation with stakeholders. Finally, he congratulated all participants and expressed the best wishes.