Commencement of Leadership and Management Training for student officers of Army Command and Staff College

NASC started “Leadership and Management Training for Student officers of Army Command and Staff College” in 26th Mangsir, 2079 ( 12 December, 2022) in Prithvi Hall of Dikshya Sadan. There are 92 student officers from Army Command and Staff college where nine of them are international participants. The opening ceremony was chaired by Mr. Basanta Raj Sigdel, Senior Director of NASC and Department head of Management Learning Group (MLG). Colonel Direndra Kumar Malla, Senior Instructor of Army Command and Staff College ( ACSC) was also present in the program. Anita Poudel hosted the opening ceremony.

During his remark, Mr. Malla requested all student officers to actively communicate, participate and make the best use of this training. He highlighted on the relationship of ACSC with NASC for years. 
Mr. Sigdel presented the opening remarks where he welcomed all the participants to NASC. He highlighted on “3Ds” of leadership where he focused on dimensions, dynamics and direction/discourse of the organization as a part of leadership. He further reinforced that training is a mutual and collective learning process. He requested all participants to make it meaningful and lively as possible.

This course is being held in two groups and is coordinated by Ms. Shailaja Upadhyaya, Ms. Anita Poudel, Ms. Chandni Kayastha and Ms. Nabina Malekar. The training will conclude on 8th Poush, 2079 (23 December, 2022).