Closing Ceremony of PCMD-5


The certification and closing ceremony of Professional Course on Management and Development (PCMD) fifth batch of class III officers of government of Nepal and public institutions which started from 19 Sharwan 2078 was virtually held on 15 Ashwin 2078. The event was chaired by Executive Director of NASC Dr. Rajan Khanal and Deputy Executive Director and Head of Public Service Training Department (PSTD) Mr. Bishnu Prasad Lamsal; Director of Studies and Chief of Center for In-Service Training (CiST) Mr. Binod Kumar Bista were also present during the ceremony.

Sharing the learning reflection of the training programme, Ms. Nika kumari Ghimire (Dhamala) , representing 29 participants, thanked NASC, its faculties, training management team, CKMIT for the overall implementation and successful completion of the training program. During her reflection of training, she highlighted that the knowledge and skills learned in during the training will be helpful in their workplace. It will make help in becoming more effective frontline officers.

Mr. Khem Bahadur Saru representing the participants thanked all the stakeholders involved in the training. He also suggested the NASC management to increase number of participants from other public enterprises or institutions. He also highlighted the importance of Engaging Local Governance (ELG), as it helps the participants to know the real expectation of public from the public institutions in terms of public service delivery.

Sharing the observation and feedback of the overall training, Mr. Binod Kumar Bista congratulated all 29 participants who successfully completed the training course. He also requested the participants who could not complete the training due to some unfavorable circumstances, to complete the training in coming days complying the rules and guidelines of NASC’s training programme. Mr. Bista also shared the how this pandemic has affected the on-going training process, but however, it has provided opportunity to many participants and NASC has been successful to manage it. Mr. Bista also highlighted the key objectives of PCMD Course and how it can be used in the improvement of public service delivery. The participants were requested to utilize the knowledge learned in the training in their respective workplace to bring effectiveness in the public service delivery. At last, Mr. Bista wished for coming Bada Dashai, Tiahar, Chhat and Nepal Sambat.

The chair of the closing program, Dr. Khanal congratulated the participants on successful completion of the training and expressed his expectation to reflect the knowledge and learning in their (participants) workplace. With the proverb “when students are ready, teachers will emerge”, Dr. khanal shared how the involvement and willing to know attitude of knowledge help the participants to learn in effective manner. He also remined the participants that how the public officials are blamed for not being sensitive towards public seeking services. He asked the participants to make the public service of Nepal faceless and more citizen centric. At last, he also highlighted to reduce the points in public service delivery with implementation of ICT.

This first batch of PCMD was attended by thirty participants where twenty nine participants successfully completed the training with all of them being graduated in first division where Mr. Niraj Sharma stood at the top of the group. Lastly, the coordination team, Ms. Gyan Laxmi Shrestha, Mr. Dipak Kumar Patel congratulated all the participants for successfully completing the training program, wished for their successful career ahead and thanked them for their cooperation and active participation throughout the training period. At, last all the participants and coordinating team wished for speedy recovery of Mr. Krishna Bahadur Thapa, coordinator of PCMD-5, who unfortunately left the coordination because of health issue due to COVID-19.