Closing Ceremony of B2 Training (Batch 5 and Batch 6)

The certification and closing ceremony of B2 Training (Procurement of works & Consulting Services) that started from 4th of Ashwin was held on 15th Ashwin 2078. The event was chaired by Deputy Executive Director of NASC Mr. Bishnu Prasad Lamsal and Secretary from Public Procurement Monitoring Office(PPMO) Ms. Devi Kumari Guragain was present as a chief guest of the program. Senior Director of NASC Mr.Tulasi Sharan Sigdel, Director of Studies and Program leader of Capacity Development and Professionalization (CDP) from NASC  Dr. Raghu Bista, a representative from World Bank Mr. Shanbhu Prasad Uprety,  a representative from ITC/ILO Mr. Sita Ram Kandel, were present in the closing ceremony along with other NASC Officials. Total 67 Officers from various government and public organizations completed the training program. The program was organized at Auditorium Hall at NASC and hosted by Mr. Shailendra Prasad Bhatt; a Training and Research officer from NASC.

Mr. Sujan Tamrakar, representative of participants from batch 5 (Khaptad Group) thanked NASC, PPMO, World Bank, and ITC/ILO for organizing training on behalf of the group. He shared his reflection of learnings from 11 days of training and provided valuable suggestions for improvement of the current module of the program. He also remembered his previous training in staff college and always motivating learning environment inside this institution. Mr. Tamkakar thanked all the resource persons involved in the training for the transfer of their knowledge and for sharing valuable experiences. He specially thanked participant nominating agencies for the mixed group of participants which consists of engineers to administrative officers; as well as representatives from the local level to province-level which made a good knowledge and problem sharing platform for representing the whole of Nepal. Similarly, Ms. Amrita Pahadi from Batch 6 (Prithvi Group) added some suggestions for the improvement of training such as the use of training materials in both the language (Nepali and English) which is only in English for now, and since more of the works are nowadays are executed through e-procurement she advised to include lab sessions for e-procurement with case studies more related to it. She is confident that learning from the B2 course will help all the participants during their work and provide more ways to deal with problems with good understanding.

The chief guest of the program Ms. Devi Kumari Guragain, Secretary from PPMO, congratulated participants upon successful completion of B2 training organized with the joint effort of PPMO, Staff College, World Bank, and ITC/ILO. She also thanked the NASC for administrative management of this training program to make it a success. Ms. Guragain kept her expectation from participant officers that they will be able to make positive changes and impact at the workplace upon the successful completion of this training. She also encouraged trained officers to share their knowledge at their local level either by organizing experience sharing workshops or by writing some articles on the important aspects of public procurement and thing to be considered and taken importantly during the whole process of procurement and publish to accessible sources for others, and to form a roster form participants to share their workplace difficulties and discuss for best solution and alternatives as the group involves the officers representing the various public institution.

The chair of the program, Mr. Lamsal congratulated the participants on the successful completion of the training program and highlighted objectives behind the collaboration of big organizations; NASC, PPMO, World Bank, ITC/ILO together for this training program. He expects B2 training will be able to bring confidence in participating officers to execute procurement-related works with ease and more managed way. He advised officers that the resource persons involved in training are always open to assist you in case of any difficulty and confusion and also PPMO office is standing by for further support to make the public procurement more transparent, competitive, dependable, without disputes, and basis of development of the nation. In the end, he thanked participants for valuable feedback of the training with wishes for happiness, peace, and good health on the auspicious occasion of upcoming festivals; Dashain, Tihar, and Chhat  2078.

The coordination team for B2 Course Dr. Raghu Bista, Mr.Gobinda Bhandari, Mr.Shailendra Prasad Bhatt, Mr. Ashutosh Neupane, and Ms. Anjali Verma congratulated the participants for completing the training programs.