Closing of ACMD sixth group

The closing ceremony of Advanced Course on Management and Development (ACMD) sixth group conducted in online modality from 15 Poush 2077 was concluded on 26 Falgun 2077. Thirty class two/ under secretory from GoN and various public organizations participated in the training program. The chief guest of the closing program were Executive Director of NASC, Dr. Rajan Khanal, department head of Public Service Training Department (PSTD), Senior Director of Studies Mr. Bishnu Prasad Lamsal, and center chief of Center for In-Service (CIST), Director of Studies Mr. Binod Kumar Bista. Dr. Shyan Kirat rai, from the training coordination team was master of ceremony. Mr. Lab Raj Joshi kept his view on various modules of the program on behalf of the participants. Mr. Joshi mentioned that they were able to receive both the theoretical and experience sharing from the resource persons and that is going to help them to change their attitude in performing better for their organization for better public service delivery. Then center chief, Mr. Bista congratulated all the participants for the successful completion of the program and mentioned that the real training has begun now for the participants. The learnt knowledge should reflect in self, then to the organization and eventually towards to greater good of society. Department chief, Mr. Lamsal also congratulated and highlighted the importance of student on learning and implementing knowledge. He also mentioned the challenges and opportunities NASC faced and explored in providing the training through online platform and whished best of luck for the upcoming days. Then at last, Executive Director Dr. Khanal congratulated the participants and mentioned the need of gradual improvement in the life of a person to become better self famously known as ‘Kaizen’- Japanese philosophy. He also requested the participants to step up in providing better service to the public as the real practice of the training knowledge is required to provide better service delivery. All the participants graduated in first division with Mr. Ramesh Raj Subedi becoming the performer of the class. The coordination team Dr. Shyan Kirat Rai and Mr. Surendra Chitrakar also congratulated the participants for successfully completing the training program.