Certification and closing ceremony of ACMD2 (FY 2078/79)

The Certification and closing ceremony of Advanced Course on Management and Development (ACMD) second batch of class II officers of the government of Nepal and public institutions which started from 8th shrawan 2078 was virtually held on 15th Ashwin 2078. The event was chaired by Executive Director of NASC Dr. Rajan Khanal, Director of studies and chief of the centre for in–Service Training (CiST) Mr. Binod Kumar Bista was also present during the ceremony.


Sharing the learning reflection of the training Mr. Narharihari Grimire, representing 29 Participants, thanked NASC, its faculties, training management team, CKMIT team for successful completion of the training program. During his reflection, he highlighted the impressive expect of training being on very good management, virtual participation and techno-friendly environment being provided. He also focused on an impressive knowledge of inside as well as external expert resource persons. He highlighted NASC as the Center of Excellence being true and justifiable. He reflected the training course being very interactive, teaching methods, delivery and mainly Adult learning principles being focused. Mr. Ghimire also provided some suggestions that could make this training program more effective and efficient by providing sessions on topics such as decision making and meeting management which will help to enhance Public service delivery.


Sharing the observation and feedback on overall training Mr. Binod Kumar Bista Congratulated all the participants who successfully completed the training. During his sharing, he describes Creating a performing leader as one of the major objectives of ACMD course design. He expressed participants have learned tremendous theoretical knowledge regarding their work procedure and process which he expects to be tested in a real workplace. He added that learning is a continuous process and expressed his happiness over the successful implementation of the virtual platform with a limited number of IT team members. Mr. Bista also reinforces the fact that training closing is not actually closing in itself but the starting point to go on. He assured that the feedbacks given would be incorporated in the future programs which shall help to sharpen our existing knowledge and to change and adapt training with changing times in future.


The chair of the closing program Dr. Rajan Khanal congratulated the participants on the successful completion of the training. He shared saying that “When students are ready, teachers will emerge”. He reminded participants that NASC as an institution can only show the direction it’s the students who have to walk on the path. He also reminded all the participants that we as service providers are to be blamed for not being sensitive towards public service and their journey. He quoted it as an important challenge. He expressed his best wishes for his future journey.


Mr. Hari Prasad Odari stood top of the group who participated from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Lastly, the Training coordinating team congratulated all the participants and wished for a successful career ahead and thanked them for interactive participation throughout the Training Period.