Certification and Closing Ceremony of “Organizational Development Intervention"

The certification and closing ceremony of 3-day “Organizational Development Intervention (ODI)” program for Chief Administrative Officers from various Rural Municipality was organized on 2080 Chaitra 29. The main aim of the program was to broaden the perspective of leaders in the area of organizational development intervention, and enhance their capability for progressive organizational changes in dynamic context.  
Mr. Binod Kumar Bista, Senior Director of Studies and Department Head of the Management Learning Group, chaired the event. Mr. Chin Bahadur Ranabhat, on behalf of all participants, shared his learning reflection. He appreciated the program's modality and expressed that the course content and framework would be highly relevant in local government for assessing the environment and creating an implementable action plan.
In his closing remarks, Mr. Bista congratulated all the participants for successful completion of the programme. He emphasized the program's importance in enhancing the administrative competency of local government. He highlighted the contribution of the intervention plan to the institutional memory of the organization, which aids in making rational decisions in critical situations. He also expressed his expectation for participants to use this intervention model by contextualizing it in their respective organizations. Ms. Anita Poudel, Center Chief and Director of Studies, was also present at the program. Mr. Shailendra Prasad Bhatt hosted the programme.