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Resource Centre (Library)
Nepal Administrative Staff College (NASC) is a national-level premium training institute that caters for the training, research, and consultancy needs of the Government of Nepal and Public Institutions. NASC has developed the existing Library as a Resource Center with learning materials in the areas of Management, Development, and Governance. The faculty, staff, trainees, and external resource person are enriching their knowledge in the areas of interest by visiting the resource center at NASC. NASC is regularly updating the resource center with new books and materials to facilitate the need of the users. 
The resource center has an exclusive collection of books in the field of-
•    Public Administration 
•    Management 
•    Public Policy 
•    Human Resource Management, 
•    Federalism 
•    Fiscal Federalism 
•    Award-Winning Literatures 
•    Training 
•    Research 
•    Consultancy


Snapshots of Resource Center

Resource Centre Entrance

Inside Resource Centre

The public readers can visit the library during our office hours 
Days: Monday to Friday
Time: 10:00AM-4:00PM (summer), 10:00AM – 3:00PM (winter)

People visiting the center can access the following online resources