NASC Discussion Series 35

Theme: Envisioning Prosperous Nepal

Speaker: Prof Dr Jay Raj Acharya    

Date: 18 December 2016 (3 Poush 2073) Sunday  
Time: 10:00-12:00 hrs
Venue: Prithivi Hall, Dikshya Sadan

In this Discussion Series, the speaker will bring insights from his years’ long experiences, research and engagement in promoting Nepal’s development. At the time Nepal is approaching for prosperity following the promulgation of the Constitution from the Constituent Assembly on 20 Sept 2015, “Envisioning Prosperous Nepal” is a provocative development agenda that will take Nepal into a long awaited goal. Having plenty of opportunities and potentialities, what we need is a vision and commitment to walk through. The speaker will propose and encourage with unleashing Nepal’s competency to move forward and the roles of young generation to materialize the vision of prosperity.   

Dr Acharya, a renowned diplomat and development architect, has served as the Ambassador to the UN (1991-1994). He was a Senior Fellow at the University of Leiden and Center for International Affairs at Harvard University. His books in Sanskrit, Nepali and English have been published from Nepal, India and USA. His articles have also been published in professional journals. He was a columnist in The Kantipur 1997-2000. His wrote articles on the problems of Nepal’s politics, economic development and foreign relations. He has lectured on Nepal’s literary tradition, culture, politics, development challenges and diplomacy in the universities and various forums in Nepal, USA, Canada and Japan. He is interested especially in Nepal’s relations with India and China and the American foreign policy in South Asia.