Professional Course on Management & Development

Course Aim:

The aim of the course is to help class III officers of the Government of  Nepal, develop core competencies to perform their roles efficiently and to contribute towards effective implementation of development programs as well as take positive initiation in public service delivery.

Objectives of the Course:

After the completion of the course, the participants will be able to:

·         Identify the key techniques of self management and interpersonal relationship

·         Demonstrate ability in managing staff performance for achieving organizational objectives

·         Identify tools and techniques required to manage financial resources efficiently and effectively

·         Explain the concept and issues of federalism, governance and transition management for effective service delivery.

·         Explain the concept and approach to development, policy framework, contemporary development issues and environment & climate change

·         Spell out planning process, identify and select process and facilitate for effective implementation

·         Explain basic research approaches, and carry out project work

Course Contents

The training course is intended to deliver the following contents:

·         Managing Self and Interpersonal Relationship

·         Managing Self Performance

·         Managing Financial Resources

·         Governance and Service Delivery

·         Administrative Federalism

·         Approaches to Development

·         Development Planning

·         Research Methods and Project Works

Training Approach and Methodology

The training follows various methods such as interactive lecture, discussion, role play, case study, exercise, audio-visual and group work. It encourages the participants for experiences sharing to create learner friendly environment.