Ms. Smriti Pradhan

Training and Research Officer
Area of specialization: 
Master in Business Administration (MBA)


-MBA from Ace Institute of Management, PU, 2016-2018

-BBA-BI from Ace Institute of Management, PU, 2010-2014

Work Experience

-Social Media Marketing Consultant

-Project Manager in Media Space Solutions

Training and Courses

-Induction Training conducted by Nepal Administrative Staff College, 2022

-Digital Marketing Course, Coursera

Research and Consulting

-Conducted Exploratory research on “A Study on Gender Differences on Apparel Buying Behavior Among Youths of Kathmandu”

-Conducted exploratory research on “Effectiveness of Trailer on Movie Consumption Behavior of Youths”

-Conducted exploratory research on “Stress Management among Intern Doctors: Patan Hospital”

Area of Interest

Digital Media Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Public Service Delivery, General Management, Research


-2nd runner up in CIMA Global Business Challenge Competition, 2014

-Dean’s list in BBA-BI, 2015