Ms. Gyan Laxmi Shrestha

Deputy Director of Studies
Area of specialization: 


Academic Qualification

  • Master of Public Policy and Governance, North South University/University of Bergen (2020).
  • Master of Public Administration, Tribhuvan University (2018).
  • Master of Arts in Rural Development, Tribhuvan University (2008).

Work Experience           

  • Deputy Director of Studies, Nepal Administrative Staff College (19 Apr 2021- ongoing)
  • Training and Research Officer, Nepal Administrative Staff College (05 Jan 2015 - 18 Apr 2021)
  • Researcher: LI Program- “The Role of Literacy Facilitators in providing onsite support to teachers in reading and writing instruction program” Room to Read Nepal.
  • Lecturer: Basu College, Bhaktapur.

Training and Professional Course           

  • Introductory Training on WTO and MC12 Outcomes for Nepal Government Officers. Jointly organized by Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies and WTO (12-16 September, 2022).
  • Innovating Public Policy: Use of Evidence (InnoPoLE) (22-30 June, 2022)
  • Master of Trainer on Gender Equality and Social Inclusion and Gender Responsive Budgeting: Nepal Administrative Staff College and UN Women Nepal (January 6-10, 2019).
  • BRIDGE Train the Facilitator Workshop: BRIDGE, UNDP, Election Commission Nepal (16-26 Nov,2018)
  • Training Methods and Skills for Managers (TMSM): National Institute for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, India (13 Nov 2017- 05 Jan 2018).
  • Master Training of Trainers (MTOT) on Campaign to increase women participation in Local Election: ESP and UNDP, Nepal. (12-13 Apr 2017)
  • Using Evidence for Smart Policy Design Evidence for Policy Design: Center for International Development at Harvard University (July 19-20, 2016).
  • Camp Coordination and Camp Management Training: CCCM, Kathmandu (25-27 Apr,2016).
  • Training for Trainer on Ecosystem Based Adaptation EBA in Mountain Ecosystem in Nepal “Capacity Building Training on Ecosystem Based Adaptation”: TU-CDES & MoFSC Cooperation (28-29 Dec 2015).
  • Multi-Sector Nutrition Plan (MSNP): Government of Nepal, National Planning Commission, National Nutrition and Food Security Secretariat (09-11 Jul, 2015).
  • Promoting Affirmative Action at Workplace: Nepal Administrative Staff College Jawalakhel, Lalitpur (16-17 Jun, 2015)
  • Training of Trainer: NASC (April 20-19 May, 2015).
  • Training on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA/IEE): Bristol Training Institute (11-17 Dec, 2011).
  • Training on “International Summer School in Food Security and Climate Change”: University of Pavia, Italy, Himalayan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology and International School of Advance Studies, Nepal (12-17 June, 2011).
  • Training on Educational Research and Field Work: CDRD, Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur, Kathmandu (2008).
  • Training on Rapid Rural Appraisal (RRA) and Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA): CDRD, Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur, Kathmandu (2007).

Research and Publications

  • Exploring the experiences of physically challenged female employees in civil service: A case study of Kathmandu Nepal 2022 Author:  Gyan Laxmi Shrestha
  • COVID-19 Management in Nepal: Exploring the experience of elected officials in Dhulikhel Municipality 2021 Author: Gyan Laxmi Shrestha
  • COVID-19 Management in Nepal: case studies on the responses of elected representatives in Baglung Municipality 2021 Author: Gyan Laxmi Shrestha
  • Does the Climate Change Adaptation Policy Address Food Security: A case study of Humla District, Nepal 2020 Author: Gyan Laxmi Shrestha
  • Citizen Charter in Nepali Public Sector Organizations: Does It Really Work? Policy & Governance Review, Vol (5), 2021. Authors: Anil Kumar Gupta and Gyan Laxmi Shrestha.
  • Corruption in Nepal: Level Trend and Pattern Analysis. Journal of Management and Development Studies Vol. (28) (pp. 36-52) 2018. Authors: Anil Kumar Gupta, Shiva Hari Adhikari and Gyan Laxmi Shrestha.
  • Multiculturalism in Nepali Public Sector Organizatons. 14th South Asian Management Forum. Conference Proceeding, 2017. Authors: Shiva Hari Adhikari, Anil Kumar Gupta and Gyan Laxmi Shrestha.
  • Food Security, Climate Change Impact, and solar drying technology in Dadagaon Village, Rasuwa District. 2013. Geography of Governance: Dynamics for Local Development. International Geographical Union Commission on Geography of Governance 254p. ISBN:978- 9937-2-6508-9 (Funded by ESAP/AEPC) Author: Gyan Laxmi Shrestha
  • Women’s participation on farm management, a case study of Nagadesh Community of Madhyapur Thimi Municipality 2006. Author: Gyan Laxmi Shrestha
  • Participatory development concepts and plans: Relevance and aspects of implementation and improvement. Parag, Nepal National Employees Union, Civil Central Committee, Babarmahal (2021) Authors: Tulashi Sharan Sigdel and Gyan Laxmi Shrestha
  • Sweet tooth for Chocolates. The Rising Nepal (01 May 2010) Authors: Dr. Rishi Shah and Gyan Laxmi Shrestha
  • Food Security. The Rising Nepal (18 Mar 2010) Authors: Dr. Rishi Shah and Gyan Laxmi Shrestha
  • Perfumes: The Rising Nepal (Jun 2010) Authors: Dr. Rishi Shah and Gyan Laxmi Shrestha

Special Assignment

  • Team Member: Strengthening Nepal Administrative Staff College (NASC) to Develop Capacity of Government of Nepal in Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) and Gender Responsive Budget (GRB) (Jul 2017-Oct 2019)


  • Conference on Geography of Governance:
    • Paper Title: Dynamics for Local Development Food Security, Climate Change Impact, and solar drying technology in Dadagaon Village, Rasuwa District (31 Oct-06 Nov, 2011).
  • Workshop on Young Researchers-2012, Martin Chautari:
    • Paper Title: Appropriateness of Solar Dryer to Mitigate the Effects of Climate Change on Food Security in Rasuwa District, Nepal (2-3 Jan, 2012).
  • Policy Discourse and Research Conference on Public Policy and Governance in South Asia
    • Paper Title: "Corruption in Nepal: Level, Pattern and Trend Analysis" (10-11 July, 2017).
  • Public Policy and Governance in South Asia: Towards Justice and Prosperity.
    • Paper title: Citizen charter in Nepali public sector organization: What does evidence say? (28- 29 June,2018)  
  • EROPA Conference 2022 
    • paper Title: COVID-19 Management in Nepal: Case Studies on Responses of Elected Representatives in Baglung Municipility. 

Area of interest

Rural Development, Development, Governance, Climate Change and Disaster Management, Feminism/GESI/GRB, Public Policy, Public Service Delivery, Team and Team Building, Project Management, Social Research, Presentation Skills and Management Games