Mr. Basanta Raj Sigdel

Senior Director of Studies
Area of specialization: 
Leadership, Organization Development, Strategic Management, Public Service Reforms, Public Sector Capacity Building
Master’s Degree in Business Studies in First Division with Distinction, Tribhuvan University (2003)

Date of Birth: 5th April 1978 

Nationality:  Nepali  


Head, Management Learning Group, a department dedicated to build capacity of officers of Government and public organizations through trainings, Executive/Management Development Programmes and Organization Development initiatives 

Head, Procurement and Facility Management Services of NASC 

Work Experience 

  • Director of Studies and Centre Chief (Induction, In-service, Organization Development, Knowledge Management and IT, Human Resources) and Faculty of Management, Leadership and Strategy, Nepal Administrative Staff College (2015-2021) 

  • Training and Research Officer (Faculty of Management, Leadership and Strategy), Nepal Administrative Staff College (2012-2015) 

  • Lecturer, Tribhuvan University, United College (2011- 2012) 

  • Manager, Nepal Bank Limited (2009- 2013) 

  • Deputy Manager, Nepal Bank Limited (2004-2009) 

  • Lecturer, Tribhuvan University, Nepal Commerce Campus (2003- 2008) 

  • Lecturer, Tribhuvan University, Campion College (2004- 2005) 

Special Responsibilities in Capacity Building and Reforms 

  • Module Lead and Principal Facilitator, Leadership and Strategic Management Modules of Senior Executive Development Programme (SEDP) organized for the Joint Secretaries of Government of Nepal (Since 2016) 

  • Team Leader, Preparing Five- year Strategic Plan (FY 2079/80- 83/84) of Nepal Administrative Staff College (2022) 

  • Team Leader, Redesign of Advanced Course on Management and Development (ACMD), an In-service Training Programme for the Under Secretaries of Government Organizations (2022) 

  • Coordinator, Policy Recommendations to the Government of Nepal in Policies and Programmes of the GoN- 2019/20 in the areas of reforms in civil service and improving public service delivery and governance system (2019) 

  • Coordinator and Management Expert, Restructuring of Ministry and Departments of Government of Nepal, led by OPMCM (2018)  

  • Coordinator, Policy Recommendation to the Government of Nepal for restructuring public sector training institutions of the Country in the federal system of governance 

  • Team Leader, Preparing Five- year Strategic Plan (FY 2072/73- 76/77) of Nepal Administrative Staff College (2015) 

  • Management Expert, Designing Performance Based Incentive System in Nepal Administrative Staff College (2015) 

  • Training Expert and Faculty of Leadership and Strategic Management, Redesigning Senior Executive Development Programme (SEDP) for the Class-I (Joint Secretaries) Officers of Government of Nepal (2012- 2014) 

  • Training Expert, Learning Needs Assessment and designing training course (Basic Administration Training, BAT) for the newly appointed Section Officers of Government of Nepal (2012) 

Management Consulting and Organization Development Interventions (ODI) 

  • Advisor, Organization and Management Survey of BP Koirala Memorial Cancer Hospital (BPKMCH), Service rendered to BPKMCH, Bharatpur (2023) 

  • Team Leader, Management Audit of BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS), Service rendered to PBKIHS, Dharan (2022) 

  • Team Leader, Preparing National Strategic Plan of Right to Information (RTI), service rendered to National Information Commission, with support of UNDP Nepal (2021) 

  • Team Leader, Study for establishing Public Service Broadcasting (PSB) and integrating NTV and Radio Nepal (2019) 

  • Team Leader, Preparing HR Policy and Administrative Bylaws of Pancheshwar Development Authority (PDA), a joint entity of Government of Nepal and India to implement Pancheshwar Multipurpose Project (2017-2019) 

  • Team Leader, Comprehensive Management Audit of Rastriya Banijya Bank, the largest state-owned commercial bank of Nepal (2018- 2019) 

  • Team Leader, Competency Mapping and Capacity Building of Nepal Civil Service in the Federal System (2017- 2018) 

  • Team Leader, Preparing Three-year Strategic Plan (2017-2019) of Public Service Commission (2017) 

  • Management and OD Expert, Institutional Arrangement of Local Governments, the project to design organizational structure of local governments- an integral component of Local Level Restructuring Committee (LLRC) formed by the GoN (2017) 

  • Management Expert, Strengthening Knowledge-Driven Development in South Asia- 01 Leadership (TA 7997), ADB project (2017-2018)  

  • Team Leader, Restructuring/Organization and Management Survey of Nepal Rastra Bank (2015) 

  • Team Leader, Strategic Plan (2014-2016) of Social Welfare Council (2013) 

  • Knowledge Management Expert, Mainstreaming Inclusive Governance Project (2013- 2014) 

Research Works 

  • Sigdel, B.R., & Poudel, A. (2021). The National Natural Resources and Fiscal Commission: Evolution of Roles and Practices. Kathmandu: Centre for Federalism Studies at NASC.  

  • Sigdel, Basanta R., Shailaja Upadhyaya and Damodar Basyal (2018). Towards engaged civil service: National employee engagement survey-2018/19. Kathmandu: Nepal Administrative Staff College. 

  • Sigdel, Basanta R. (2017) ‘Compliance’ to ‘Integrity Building’: A Case of Nepali Civil Service. A Research Paper, 14th South Asian Management Forum, Maldives: Association of Management Development in South Asia (AMDISA) 

  • Sigdel, Basanta R., Shailaja Upadhyaya, Rameshwar Bhandari and Krishna Sigdel (2016). Attractiveness of Civil Service in Nepal. Kathmandu: Nepal Administrative Staff College 

  • Sigdel, Basanta R., Suwarn K. Singh and Shital Moktan (2016). Learning organization practice and Organizational performance: A Case of Nepali Civil Service, Security Agencies and Public Institutions. Kathmandu: Nepal Administrative Staff College 

  • Sigdel, Basanta R. and S. Koirala (2014). Corporate governance in Nepalese financial sector: Does policy matter? Kathmandu: Nepal Administrative Staff College. 

  • Sigdel, Basanta R. and S. Koirala (2014). Does Nepal Borrow Inflation from India?  An Empirical Study. Kathmandu: Nepal Administrative Staff College 

  • Sigdel, Basanta R. (2003). Corporate performance and the Role of Boards of Directors. Unpublished Master's Thesis. Kathmandu: Tribhuvan University  

Training and Professional Courses 

  • Ambassadors of Evidence-based Policy: Training of Trainers, Evidence for Policy Design, Harvard Kennedy School, 15-17 March 2017 and Nepal Administrative Staff College 

  • Training on Using Evidence for Smart Policy Design (19 – 20 July 2016) organised by Evidence for Policy Design at Harvard University and Nepal Administrative Staff College (NASC), Kathmandu, Nepal 

  • Training on Fiscal Efficiency from Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand- 2014 

  • Workshop on Learning for Development, World Bank, New Delhi- 2014 

  • Training on IT enabled Knowledge Management from Administrative Staff College, Hyderabad, India- 2013 

  • Advanced Level Training of Trainers of One Month from Nepal Administrative Staff College, March-April, 2007  

  • Training programs in various courses about functional areas of Banking like credit, trade finance, risk management, operations etc.  


Best Employee Award, Nepal Administrative Staff College (2017)