Call for Proposal

Call for Research Proposal

As per the decision of Research Committee dated 24 Kartik 2073 (9 Nov 2016), Centre for Research and Development, Research and Consulting Services Department invites research proposal from qualified NASC officials complying the following procedures.

Second date of announcement: 24 Kartik 2073 (9 Nov 2016)
Extended date of submission: 20 Mangshir 2073 (5 December 2016)

General guideline for submitting research proposal
1. The research proposal shall focus on any area of administration, management, governance and development and any other relevant areas as defined by Research Guideline 2013. Preference will be given to proposals that intend for policy research in government’s recent priorities areas.  
2. The proposal shall be organized as explained in the Research Guidelines 2013 Section 6.3.
3. Group proposals are encouraged.
4. Proposal can be submitted either for one or all categories – Type I, Type II and Type III.
5. Applicant is required to identify research category in the covering letter along with research
6. The provisions of "Research Guideline 2013" shall be applicable for the research project.
7. The proposal should arrive to Centre for Research and Development no later than 5 Dec 2016 (20 Mangshir 2073) via or
8. Please contact Centre for Research and Development, Research and Consulting Department for further information.

Trilochan Pokharel
Member Secretary 
Research Committee


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