Nepal National Governance Survey- 2018


This report presents the findings of the Nepal National Governance Survey 2017/18 (NNGS 2017/18), which was carried out by Nepal Administrative Staff College (NASC) in partnership with Central Bureau of Statistics. The new federal structure in Nepal departs from the past in terms of inter-governmental sharing of power and jurisdictions, as well as mutual expectations and obligations between the state and citizens. In this context, this survey set out to establish a national-scale baseline of people’s perceptions about major aspects of governance in the country so as to enable the elected leaders and policy-makers at federal, provincial and local levels to make informed choices on governance and institutional measures needed for the implementation of the new Constitution adopted in 2015. The survey was managed by a Technical Committee of experts and overseen by a Steering Committee comprising representatives from several ministries of the Government of Nepal and others from research organizations involved in governance research and capacity building.

NNGS is part of the ongoing effort of NASC to work with the Government of Nepal and its ministries to inform and steer the transformation of Nepal’s governance system and to conduct capacity development for public institutions. Since its establishment in 1982, NASC is recognized as the leading institution for capacity building of Nepal’s public sector, including government agencies and public enterprises. This mandate is accomplished through three mutually reinforcing activities: training, research and consulting services. As Nepal implements the new constitution, NASC is active in supporting the government during the transition to a federal structure that comprises three levels of polity, each operating under the principles of mutual cooperation, coexistence and coordination.

Following products are available for open access to all interested readers. We request for responsible use of the products complying research ethics.

Survey Products

Data Access Guidelines

The Nepal National Governance Survey 2017/18 (NNGS) public-use datasets do not in any way allow respondents, households, or sample communities to be identified. There are no names of individuals or household addresses in the data files. The geographic identifiers only go down to the Province level. The NNGS data may be used only for the purpose of statistical reporting and analysis, and academic purposes. All NNGS data set should be treated as confidential, and no effort should be made to identify any household or individual respondent interviewed in the survey.

The data must not be passed on to other researchers without the written consent of Nepal Administrative Staff College. Users are required to submit an electronic copy (pdf) of any reports/publications produced from NNGS dataset to . 

Request must accompany a completed form and receipt of payment as mentioned below:

  • NRs- 2000.00 for Nepali individual
  • NRs- 5000.00 for Nepali institution
  • US$ 100 for international individual and institutions
  • Nepali students studying in Nepali institutions may ask for a waiver of data charge with valid identity and statement of the research project.

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For international applicants

Account Name: Nepal Administrative Staff College
Bank Name: Megha Bank Nepal Pvt Ltd
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For domestic applicant

Account Name: Nepal Administrative Staff College
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All the eligible users will be entitled to data in SPPS or CSV format, questionnaire in English or Nepali language and electronic copy of Nepal National Governance Survey 2017/18 survey report. Users are requested to go through the survey questionnaire for getting complete sense of questionnaire and corroborate with data set. Some variables and codes could follow different forms. Users are required to verify before using data set. Any intentional or unintentional tempering with data set will be offensive and the users will be solely accountable for any misconducts. The results in Nepal National Governance Survey 2017/18 survey report may be different for reasons there could be several rounds of recalculation or adjustment on technical or theoretical grounds. Please consult to Survey Technical team for clarification if required. Usually it may take a week to process the application and provide access to data. NASC reserves all the rights to accept or decline the application with or without reasons.