Workshop on Training Need Assessment

A half-day workshop on Training Needs Assessment on Contract Management Course Design was organized by Center for Procurement Management on 2nd Falgun 2080 for Department of Roads (DoR).
The event commenced with the formal opening in which Department Head of DoR, Mr.Sushil Babu Dhakal shared the importance of this workshop with his experiences and requested all participants to discuss thoroughly to get a better result at the end of the workshop. Executive Director of NASC, Dr. Rajan Khanal, welcomed all participants to the such a crucial event and further reiterated on the importance of this workshop by sharing his experiences. Head of Governance and Development Management Group, Mr. Tulasi Sharan Sigdel,Center Chief of Center for Project Management Dr. Raghu Bista , Director of Studies Mr. Nabin Chapagain were present in the opening ceremony. 
This workshop aimed to identify relevant content for training in the area of contract management function.  The findings of this event will be used in developing a course for a training whose delivery has been planned for the next phase.
Key officials of Department of Roads, project engineers, managers, contract management experts, process experts, officials as well as experts from NASC were also involved in the workshop. There was a total of 22 participants in the workshop.