Training of Trainers (ToT) for the Officials of Public and Private Organizations commences from 13 Baisakh, 2079 in Mechi Hall, NASC

A 3-day training program (13 to 15 Baisakh, 2079) entitled ‘Training of Trainers (ToT) for the Officials of Public and Private Organizations’ commenced on 13 Baisakh, 2079 in Mechi Hall of Mangal Sadan at NASC. This training program of three working day was the fourth event for the fiscal year 2078/79. The opening event of the program started at 10 am sharp which was hosted by Mr. Nabin Chapagain. He welcomed all the dignitaries from Management Learning Group (MLG) and Centre for Human Resource Management (CHRM) as well as the participants in the program. He began by briefly highlighting the core modality and the objectives of the training.

Advancing the opening event ahead, Mr. Chapagain requested Mr. Uttam Acharya, Centre Chief of CHRM to give opening remarks. Mr Acharya shared that ToT for the officials of public and private institutions was one of the shortest training, yet one of the most requested programs since many participants become unable to allocate more days for the training. He also shared that for every professional who is engaged in training others but not as full time trainer, such training of short term is much applicable. He explained that this training was more about facilitation and presentation and added that the training has an important component of practicum. He thus requested all the participants for their participation connecting the training as a two-way teaching-learning activity. He highlighted that this training adds certain techniques to their professionalism. Thus, restating the training as a compact program, he ended his speech with the expectation of full participation and cooperation of the participants.

Mr. Chapagain further added on how the practicum is carried out and invited Mr. Basanta Raj Sigdel to give opening remarks. Mr. Sigdel welcomed the team and the participants and also remarked all the participants as the valuable members of the training. He asked if the participants had visited NASC before. Briefing the premises of NASC and introducing NASC as an academic institution, he also requested them to visit the premise of NASC and provide us with the feedback. He explained about the training and its role as well as the fact that a manager must be engaged in training and teaching the subordinates. He added that teaching-learning activities get carried on from early childhood phase to adulthood and such training supports their professionalism thereby making it an essential skill for us all. He also informed that the participants learn on the first and second day and applies the learning on the third day in the practicum sessions. He then shared a quote 'we learn, we share and we advance' and connected the role of three ‘R’s which are i.) Reflect, ii.) Relate and iii.) Resolution which is not only used in training context but in personal-professional lives. Thanking all the participants for allocating their valuable time for the training and their respective organizations for sending them to the training, he concluded his opening remarks. The opening event was briefly followed by refreshments.