A talk program entitled "Buddhism and its Influence on Administration”

In the act of conducting ECCA activities for the third residential groups including RARA, LUMBINI and SWOYAMBHU, a talk program entitled "Buddhism and its Influence on Administration" was scheduled on 07 Jestha, 2080. The program was successfully conducted at Prithvi hall where Bhikchhu Pragyamurthy Mahasthavir was the special speaker of the programme. For the very program, an organizer team was formed by five trainee officers from all the three groups for its conduction, where, Mr. Subigya Regmi, Mr. Krishna Thakur, Mr. Bimal Shrestha, Mr. Rudra Susling, and Mr. Rabi Shankar participated as programme organizers with responsibilities of Master of Ceremony (MC); photographer; event manager and rapporteurs respectively.

In the programme firstly, the speaker highlighted on the relation between Buddha education and its relation to administration to make the trainee officers aware of the value of professional virtue and ethics. Adding the present problems in public administration and its solutions including the objectives of achieving goals in administration. Then the trainee officers had a question answer session with the speaker where they were acquainted with the practical knowhow to their queries. Ms. Gyan Laxmi Shrestha presented Token of Love to the speaker on behalf of Nepal Staff College while the Speaker presented books to NASC. At the end, Mr. Rajan Sapkota offered vote of thanks on behalf of the trainees for sharing knowledge and experience. The talk programme was led by Head of Finance Mr. Sundar Shrestha and Ms. Gyan Laxmi Shrestha.