Sharpening the Saw Episode 3

On the 1st of Falgun, 2080, the Center for Human Resource Management (CHRM) within the Management Learning Group (MLG) successfully hosted the third episode of "Sharpening the Saw (STS) 2080/81." STS is an employee development series that aims to foster a growth mindset and encourage continuous learning and self-improvement by creating a learning/sharing platform. The highlight of this third episode was a captivating presentation delivered by Mr. Sagar Satyal and Ma Aprajita Jha from My Emotions Matter. They eloquently addressed the theme of "Emotional Intelligence" encouraging discussions on what emotional intelligence is, what gets in the way of it and what can be one small step towards developing emotional intelligence mindset.

The session was not only informative but also introspective, as the presenters engaged the participants in self-reflection. Altogether it was an enriching experience that contributed to the ongoing growth and development of NASC family. The program was hosted by Ms.Sebika Thapa.