Press Release of Role of CAAN in Aviation Security by MDP-CAAN

On feb 13 ,Our whole team of  training had questions and answers round as our group –C presented about Role of CAAN in aviation security and here goes the detailed part.
Session chair-Binaya Giri
Presentation by-Asmita Subba and Rupchandra K.C
Modulator/Commentator-Deepak Ojha
Event manager-Mahendra Bahadur Singh
Rapporteaur-Kedar prasad Satyal
Discussion of the day
 Introduction of Aviation Security

  • Acts of unlawful interferences
  •  Importance of Aviation Security
  • Regulatory Requirements and legal provisions
  • National Civil Aviation Security Committee
  • Challenges and strategies on security enhancement
  • Agencies involved; tools used for security
  • Impact in economy
  • Recommendations for Strengthening Aviation Security

 Commentator / Modulator of different groups :Niranjan Acharya,Narayan Shrestha and Ganesh Bahadur Singh has talked about the necessity and importance of aviation security.
And between this talks , As participants of different groups has different perspectives and they questioned commentators/modulator. 

Nabaraj Dahal questioned about aircraft hyjack.Similarly,pramod chaudhary questioned about cyber security,Rudramani Ghimire questioned about the case study of TIA,Saroj Bhatta talked about the incident inside the airport and Shankhar Gangaju questioned about rules and regulations of 2076.
From the side of NASC ,Director of studies Baldev joshi gives his opinion on security lapse  and sovereignty.Likewise, Director of CAAN Kashinath Poudel had gives his ideas and views about challenges of rules and regulations.And lastly,cordinator of management development module Tara prasad kharel elaborates the presentation and brings the concept of 4 groups that includes people,technology,security and crew members.And also brings out the opinions about pilot health checkups.They are evaluating a participants presentation and gives their feedback as well.All the queries were addressed by Deepak ojha.