Opening Ceremony of Orientation Program for Management and Development for Newly Appointed Class II Officers (Undersecretary)

The opening ceremony of Orientation Program for Management and Development for Newly Appointed Class II Officers (Undersecretary) of open competition was in 2078/09/28 at Prithvi Hall, Dikshya Sadan. Dr. Rajan Khanal, Executive Director of NASC was present as the program chair. Mr. Suresh Adhikari, Secretary of Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration (MoFAGA) and Mr. Tulasi Sharan Sigdel, Senior Director of Studies and Department Chief of Public Service Training Department (PSTD), were the distinguished guests of the program. Mr. Trilochan Poudyal, center chief of Center for Induction Training (CIT) hosted the ceremony. The program started with Nation Anthem. Then Mr. Poudyal welcomed the distinguished guests and participants. The participants introduced themselves. After the introduction Mr. Sigdel, congratulated and welcomed the participants and requested them to perform their duties so there would be visible changes in the public service delivery. He also expressed the training program as a living laboratory where the participants can share their ideas and understandings. He mentioned that the participants are now in the role to empower their subordinate for better perform.   
Then Mr. Adhikari, provided his thoughts on the training program expressing gratitude to NASC for quickly making the adaptation since the last program. He emphasized young generation needs to know more for which learning is the only way and it is the best way to improve prepare oneself for any situations. He also mentioned the participants are now in leadership position and they have to take necessary risk and challenges. It is now their task to reinvent the governance as the best document cannot alone ensure good governance, it is the role of officers like them who will rise into leadership position and lead from the front. To protect the democracy and give it a proper meaning it is the role of leaders to act from their own conscience and experience to serve the people and defend the question on governance. He also stated that the participants are middle level managers and they have a crucial role to bridge between the lower and upper level officials. He completed his speech by thanking NASC on designing and providing the training program on the request of ministry.
Then Dr. Khanal closed the opening ceremony by thanking all the participants, ministry and the CIT for participating and organizing the event. He clearly mentioned the participants to follow the health protocol and to be frank on any issues that makes them uneasy in the current health situation. He then motivated the participants by saying that the more you learn the more you see so it is an opportunity to make yourself able to see more things through training program where you will get different kind of knowledge. He also mentioned that the participants are now full with both the tacit and explicit knowledge so they have a cooling period where they can reflect back to their activities of the past and learn something new from the experience and knowledge of practitioners and experts. He also requested the secretary Mr. Adhikari not to post the participants during the training period, so that they can focus totally on the training program and prepare themselves for the upcoming challenges. He again congratulated the participants and closed the ceremony.