Opening Ceremony of Management Development Programme for Level 10 Officers of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN)

Management Development Programme for Level 10 Officers of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) started from 11th Jestha 2079 (25th May, 2022), in the presence of Mr. Tulasi Sharan Sigdel, Senior Director of Studies and Mr. Binod Kumar Bista, Director of Studies. Twenty-five senior officers from CAAN are participating in the program. Dr. Shyan Kirat Rai from training coordination team hosted the opening ceremony. He welcomed the participants and dignitaries of the program and invited Mr. Binod Kumar Bista to welcome and brief about the program.

Mr. Bista welcomed the participants, elaborated about the training program, and explained how the course was designed for 41 working days. He mentioned that NASC has customized the program as per the requirement of CAAN. He explained about the five major modules that are included in the course. Furthermore, he briefed about the modules to help the participants understand what they were about and how they can help in their development. He also encouraged everyone towards active participation throughout the training to enhance the learning process. Additionally, he encouraged for horizontal growth of the participants through the training program including the vertical one. In the end, he requested the participants to be participative and active in the learning process.

Then Dr. Rai called upon Mr. Sigdel for the formal opening of the program. He encouraged the participants to share their experiences and examples with the class to help understand the industry and approaches towards improvement can be initiated. He also suggested the participants to try to understand the public perception towards CAAN and its services. Furthermore, he highly encouraged everyone to ask as many questions as possible to broaden the horizon of knowledge and understanding, which will ultimately lead to betterment of the industry, through initiations and innovation. Finally, Mr. Sigdel welcomed the participants and announced official opening of Management Development Programme. Dr. Shyan Kirat Rai and Ms. Smriti Pradhan are the coordinators of the program. The program will end in Shrawan 02, 2079.