Opening ceremony of Leadership Development Programme (LDP) for newly appointed class I officers (Joint Secretary) of Government of Nepal

Opening ceremony of Leadership Development Programme (LDP) for newly appointed class I officers (Joint Secretary) of Government of Nepal

The five-day training on Leadership Development Programme for eighteen newly appointed class I officers under the promotion through work-performance started in virtual mode from 13 Magh 2078, Thursday. Mr. Trilochan Poudyal hosted the opening ceremony. Dr. Rajan Khanal, Executive Director, chaired the program. The distinguished guests of the program were Mr. Suresh Adhikari, Secretary, MoFAGA, Mr. Bishnu Prasad Lamsal, Deputy Executive Director, NASC, Mr. Anand Raj Dhakal, Senior Director, NASC, and Mr. Tulasi Sharan Sigdel, Senior Director, NASC.  

Mr. Sigdel welcomed and congratulated the participants. He briefed the participants about the formulation, content and expectations of the training program. He also emphasized about the changed role of the participants where they have to assume the role of leader and drive the organization and their subordinate.

Mr. Lamsal also welcomed the participants and praised the existence of virtual platform in the situation of COVID pandemic where the participants could be provided with some insights to perform in their new role. He also asked the participants to be proactive and participate in the discussions and presentations so that they can share their experience and learn from the experience and knowledge of the resource persons. He then asked them to build a new perspective to perform in their new role and wished them for the successful future ahead.

Mr. Adhikari, projected the expectations of the Government from the newly appointed officials. He asked them to use their experience and develop the required attitude towards accountability and integrity to perform in the new role. He said the participants have to work forward for achieving administrative federalism as the political federalism has been achieved. He also said that now they will be performing at the top level at every level of organizations and they have to understand their public role to maintain a good professional and personal role. He then wished for the successful career ahead and thanked NASC for organizing the program in a short notice.

Dr. Khanal, then congratulated the participants and briefed them about their new role as leader. He also expressed that it is a crucial time that they should act with purpose so that the development agenda of the country is met. He said that one of the role of a leader is to read in order to enhance their understandings and knowledge. The enhanced understanding and knowledge will help one to make better decisions and perform wisely. Dr. Khanal also expressed that the virtual platform has started the point of learning to the participants. He also said that learning to be used to the new normal situation will help to nurture positive attitudes and energy. At last he wished for successful career ahead and feedback from the participants on the program too.