Opening Ceremony of 32nd Basic Administration Training (BAT)

NASC welcomed 375 newly appointed Class III officers of the Government of Nepal as trainee officers amid a formal Inaugural Ceremony of 32nd Basic Administration Training (BAT) on 18 Poush 2074 (2 January 2018).Chairman of Public Service Commission Hon'ble Umesh Prasad Mainali inaugurated the Training lighting the ceremonial lamp. Executive Director of NASC Mr. Punya Prasad Neupane chaired the session. Chief Secretary Mr. Lok Darshan Regmi, Secretary of Ministry of Finance Mr. Shankar Adhikari, Executive Director of National Judiciary Academy Hon'ble Keshari Raj Pandit, Comptroller General Mr. Ram Kumar Acharya, Deputy Auditor General Mr. Ishwor Nepal, Secretary at Legislative Parliament Mr. Him Lal Subedi, Deputy Executive Director Mr. Khum Raj Punjali, Senior Directors and faculties of NASC and Joint Secretaries of GoN were present during the opening ceremony.

Senior Director of Public Service Training Department, Dr. Kedar Bahadur Rayamajhi welcomed newly appointed officers and shared about the structure, framework and design of the program. He said that the training has been designed to develop the value, skill and competency of the officials with rigorous assessment of their learning needs. He also informed that the course has incorporated components according to the changed governance structure of the country.

Mr. Him Lal Subedi shared about his experience at NASC after his recruitment as the officer of GoN. He said that the officials should make the best use of the limited resources to provide better service to the service seekers and highlighted that the learnings at NASC would help the officials to make better decisions. He encouraged the officials to learn more and try to empathize with the needs of service recipients.

Mr. Ishwor Nepal shared that the training at NASC has helped to build the skill, attitude and knowledge of the officials in the past and that it is essential to relate with the expectations of the civil servants. He also said that the work of the officials will be visible in the delivery of service, so they need to be serious with their work. He also said that the training would be crucial factor for their placement, so he encouraged the officials to participate actively in the training.

Hon'ble Keshari Raj Pandit said that the foundation of his 38 years in civil service has been the BAT training received at NASC. He expressed that the root has been the same for him and the senior officials of the GoN as Section Officers and shared his expectations from the officials. He also pointed on the importance of behavior, skills and the use of knowledge. He said that the training would incorporate the importance of Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence which would be helpful for the officials in the long run. He expressed his commitment to incorporate the newly appointed officials of the Judiciary for the BAT foundation course which could not materialize this year.

Mr. Ram Kumar Acharya congratulated the officials for their recruitment and encouraged them to develop their skills and attitude to provide better service. He also enforced the officials to work harder and lead GoN by providing corruption free service as an honest official.

Mr. Shankar Adhikarishared about his experiences at NASC as a trainee official. He said that there has been a change in the governance structure due to various external factors, thus the officials need to develop their capabilities to address the change. He also expressed that the number of non-state actors have increased along with time and that it is very important for the government officials to work hand in hand with them. He stated that the modules of the training are comprehensive which would be fruitful for the officials. He encouraged the officials to increase their receptivity and demonstrate positive attitude to learn more at NASC.

Chief Secretary Mr. Lok Darshan Regmi shared about his learnings at NASC and expressed that the learnings at NASC become a guiding factor while moving forward in life. He highlighted the importance of the training and asked the participants not to miss the chance to learn more from NASC. He shared about the opportunities for the officials in the government service and encouraged all officials to work actively and strategically. He also encouraged the officials to maintain discipline; their ethical standards and integrity. He concluded by congratulating the officials and by assuring them that GoN will be closely monitoring the training to make it a success.

Chief Guest Hon'ble Umesh Mainali expressed that the Gen Y or the millennials have more challenges compared to Baby Boomers. He also said that the officials need to develop their Cultural Intelligence as well along with their skills and attitude for providing effective service and pointed the role of NASC for enabling the development. He also spoke about the Public service bargain theory and the Principles of public life. He said that the officials should be prepared to serve beyond predictable.

Executive Director Mr. Punya Prasad Neupane congratulated and welcome all the officials at NASC as trainee officers. He asked the officers to reason for joining civil service and encouraged them to direct their goal towards achieving the people's prosperity. He stated that the officials should try to bridge the trust deficit between the civil service and people by reconstructing the trust through their work. He said that NASC will be committed to provide a unique platform and opportunity to learn and explore the knowledge, skills and attitude of the officials. He shared that the modules will help the officials to gain a cross learning experience to develop their abilities to connect with people and establish themselves as skilled and efficient civil servants. 

Officers from Nepal Administration (General Administration, Revenue, Account) Audit, Foreign and Legislature Parliament are participating in the Course.