Opening Ceremony of 15 days Training of Trainers (ToT)

Centre for Human Resource Management (CHRM) within the Management Learning Group (MLG) of the Nepal Administrative Staff College (NASC) has commenced a 15-day training of trainers (ToT) program tailored for officials from various public institutions. This program is a regular offering, meticulously designed for individuals in public institutions who serve as trainers or are responsible for conducting and facilitating sessions within their workplace. A cohort of twenty-two officers representing 20 distinct public institutions are participating in this program. The opening ceremony was held on 11 September 2023 at Mechi Hall, Mangal Sadan. Mr. Binod Kumar Bista, Senior Director of Studies at NASC, chaired the opening event. 
Mr. Nabin Chapagain, Director of Studies at NASC, welcomed the participants and highlighted the training’s context, need, design and learning approaches. He stated that NASC aims to develop in-house trainers in different public institutions with this program thoughtfully structured following the training cycle. Mr. Chapagain emphasized the profound relevance of the chosen training sessions for the participants, underlining their significance in enhancing their professional capabilities.
Mr. Bista, in his opening remarks, shared his aspirations for the program. He expressed the program's mission to instill confidence in the trainees, equipping them to become exceptional trainers in their respective fields. Mr. Bista emphasized the pivotal role of the participants' learning attitude, recognizing that their dedication and commitment would be a catalyst for success. NASC ardently anticipates that the knowledge and skills acquired by the participants during this training will be effectively transposed into their workplace, benefiting their respective offices. He also expressed heartfelt gratitude towards the public organizations for their unwavering collaboration, which has been instrumental in making this initiative a reality. Ms. Shailaja Upadhyaya hosted the program.