NASC welcomes newly appointed Executive Director

NASC welcomed newly appointed Executive Director Dr. Rajan Khanal on 8 Ashad 2077 (22 June 2020), Monday in the presence of Deputy Executive Director, Mr. Narayan Gopal Malego, Senior Directors Ms. Kamal Nayan Pradhan and Mr. Bishnu Prasad Lamsal, Directors and staff members.
A badge pinning ceremony was conducted to present the insignia of the organization to Executive Director Dr. Khanal by Deputy Executive Director Mr. Malego as a symbol of hearty welcome to the NASC family.
Speaking during the program, Senior Director of Studies Mr. Lamsal congratulated Dr. Khanal for being appointed as the Executive Director of NASC. He shared that Dr. Khanal and NASC are very familiar with each other since he has worked closely in different capacities with NASC in the past. He expressed that Dr. Khanal holds the abilities to drive NASC towards a higher level of success. He also highlighted the challenges and issues brought in by COVID - 19 pandemic which requires immediate solutions. He also assured that all staff will support wholeheartedly for his successful journey.
Senior Director of Studies Ms. Pradhan expressed that it is a historical moment to welcome Dr. Khanal as the newly appointed Executive Director of NASC. She shared her hopes for the continuation of positive change and opportunities for newer projects and actions from the new leadership. She shared the gist of an interview with Former Executive Director Mr. Punya Prasad Neupane and commended his act of developing competitive HR at NASC. She also shared about the unfinished tasks initiated by Mr. Neupane during his tenure and expressed expectations of reaching to its closure in Dr. Khanal's tenure. Concluding, she congratulated Dr. Khanal for being appointed as the Executive Director and shared her best wishes.
Deputy Executive Director Mr. Malego congratulated Dr. Khanal and shared that NASC will reach newer heights through his leadership and vision. He pointed out that Dr. Khanal has observed NASC closely in the past as a member of the apex decision body and also as a resource person. He highlighted the importance of team culture at NASC and suggested to continue it for achieving better results. He also shared about the strengths and challenges faced by NASC in terms of resources during the program. He expressed his hopes of starting the construction of the 'State of Art' infrastructure at Namobuddha Municipality during his tenure. Closing his speech, Mr. Malego assured that all staff members are very supportive of new leadership and that everyone is willing to work in tandem for achieving newer heights.
Dr. Khanal delivered his first speech as the Executive Director of NASC during the ceremony. He thanked all staff members for such a warm welcome. He said that his intentions to continue his involvement in learning and facilitating has driven him to join NASC. He shared his experiences as a Secretary of the government before joining NASC and said that even after his retirement he was actively involved in many major activities including the development and implementation of Fiscal Federalism in Nepal. He humbly said that these activities were also a part of the ongoing learning process. He also addressed the issues presented on the lack of resources (physical, infrastructure, and HR) and assured that NASC will address these issues and work towards providing uncompromising service to the stakeholders. He asked the staff members to remember the establishment motto of NASC and shared that he will continue to develop the competency and output of the organization and stakeholders by continuing research works at NASC. He also emphasized on policy research areas. He said that one person, the Executive Director is just a small part of the organization and that everyone involved makes NASC a whole. He encouraged everyone to reflect on oneself and learn from each other. Dr. Khanal pointed out that everyone should think first about the betterment of the organization and stated that if an organization excels, individuals will excel automatically. He emphasized on building a positive and stronger bond with the government and stakeholders in the days to come. He concluded his speech by thanking and urging the staff members to have trust and belief in his vision and leadership to drive NASC forward.
Director of Studies Mr. Basanta Raj Sigdel hosted the welcome ceremony. He provided a brief introduction about Dr. Khanal and shared that it is just the beginning of a new era for NASC. He expressed that his leadership would aid NASC in its continuous efforts towards being a Think Tank of the nation.
A recent documentary of NASC was also presented during the program to familiarize Dr. Khanal with the major activities, achievements, and future plans. During the program, staff members introduced themselves to Dr. Khanal and wished for his successful tenure at NASC.
Born on 2024 B.S., Dr. Rajan Khanal was a part of civil service since 2049 B.S and continued his service in different capacities at various ministries until his retirement as Finance Secretary of the Government of Nepal in 2076 B.S. He holds a Ph.D. in Taxation Policy and has published books and articles in the area of public administration and governance. He has also served as a member of the Governing Council, Executive Committee and HR Recruitment Committee at NASC while he was a Secretary at the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration and Ministry of Finance. Dr. Khanal has also been awarded prestigious national awards including 'Janasewa Shree', 'Best Civil Service Award', and 'Manager of the Year'.