NASC welcomed newly appointed Senior Director of Studies Mr. Ananda Raj Dhakal

NASC welcomed newly appointed Senior Director of Studies Mr. Ananda Raj Dhakal in a ceremony organized by Management Team on 2077 Poush 21. Executive Director Dr. Rajan Khanal, Deputy Executive Director Mr. Narayan Gopal Malego and senior faculties were present on the occasion. Mr. Dhakal joined NASC on deputation from Government and appointed as Senior Director of Studies with decision of Executive Committee effective from 2077 Poush 21. Mr. Dhakal served as Secretary at Office of the Prime Ministers and Council of Ministers before joining NASC and holds thirty-seven years of experience in civil service.

Executive Director Dr. Khanal briefed about the recruitment process completed recently to fulfil one position of Senior Director of Studies on Deputation from Government/University and emphasized the rationale behind blending professional expertise of NASC in the area of capacity building and practice-based expertise of seasoned professional from government service. He congratulated to Mr. Dhakal for being a member of valued institution and welcomed in NASC family. He also shared experiences of working together with Mr. Dhakal in government in a team. He highlighted on varied experiences and competencies of Mr. Dhakal in the areas including general administration, financial/fiscal management, development management and governance reform. Recalling a study by Mr. Dhakal (in a team of government officials) for the reform of NASC about a decade ago, Dr. Khanal expressed confidence that Mr. Dhakal has very good understanding of NASC and fortunately now in a position to implement such reform measures which are still pertinent. He also admired that Mr. Dhakal holds a genuine passion in teaching learning process, which is a very necessary condition for a faculty of NASC.

As a gratefulness for warm welcome at NASC, newly appointed Senior Director Mr. Ananda Raj Dhakal expressed commitment that he will make every efforts possible to bring his practice-based knowledge, skills and perspectives in capacity building programmes of NASC and contribute in its institutional development. He said that instead of specializing in a particular area, as a government official having experiences of around four decades in public administration, he has gained varied perspectives and broader competencies applicable for leadership and management of public sector in the course of improvement and transformation. He also recalled the moments working with Executive Director Dr. Khanal in Ministry of Finance and other capacities. He acknowledged Dr. Khanal as a respected personality, a mentor, coach and always an inspirational leader. Mr. Dhakal also emphasized that he holds passion of sharing learning experiences through capacity building efforts that, as he believes, might be the reason that directed him toward joining NASC- a great learning platform in life.  He believed to move with team spirit while working together in such a wonderful scholar team within overall leadership of respected Executive Director Dr. Rajan Khanal.

Deputy Executive Director Mr. Narayan Gopal Malego congratulated Mr. Dhakal for this valuable appointment and welcomed him as a NAC family member. He shared that professional strength of NASC has been enhanced upon appointment of Mr. Dhakal who served government around four decades in various capacity. Similarly, welcome and congratulation message by Senior Director of Studies Mr. Bishnu Prasad Lamsal was also conveyed to Mr. Dhakal on the occasion. Senior faculties also offered warm welcome to the newly appointed Senior Director of Studies Mr. Dhakal as a Professor of Practice in NASC family and extended best wishes for his successful tenure at NASC with meaningful contribution in the growth and development of the institution. Faculties also believed that initiatives of Mr. Dhakal would contribute in unfolding new avenues of capacity building efforts of the public sector in the changed landscape of federal system of governance and strengthening NASC accordingly to fulfil the expanded role in the changed context.