NASC bid farewell to Senior Director Ms. Kamal Nayan Pradhan

NASC organized a Farewell Ceremony in honor of Senior Director of Studies respected Kamal Nayan Pradhan on 13th Poush 2077. She joined NASC in 2039, since its inception, and served for 38 years in different capacity. Executive Director Dr. Rajan Khanal chaired the Ceremony where Deputy Executive Director Mr. Narayan Gopal Malego, Senior Director of Studies Mr. Bishnu Prasad Lamsal and senior faculties were present on the occasion.

Senior faculties shared their experiences while working with Ms. Pradhan and remembered her managerial, interpersonal, supervisory and leadership skills and qualities. Senior faculties regarded her as a guardian of first generation and living history of NASC. Simplicity, determined, always motivated and energetic were considered as her major personal qualities. Senior faculties also valued her feedback seeking and giving behavior, professional mentoring, and inspirational team leader. Faculties extended her best wishes for good health and happiness in new episode of life.

Offering farewell speech, Ms. Kamal Nayan Pradhan shared her experiences and feelings as learning of around four decades of service. She expressed satisfaction and felt proud moment as she is retiring from service when NASC is gaining new height of success with very capable leadership to sustain excellence in the days to come. She remembered all former Executive Directors and ancestors who collectively contributed for the development of NASC and thanked all the staff who supported her in her professional career and contributed for this valued institution. She confirmed herself as always energetic, enthusiastic and inquisitive to learn and considered as self-made through consistent efforts in life. She emphasized that honesty, dedication, discipline and self-management will always lead to success and satisfaction in life.

Executive Director Dr. Rajan Khanal congratulated Ms. Pradhan for completely successful and very active professional life and acknowledged her valuable contributions at NASC. Dr. Khanal felicitated Senior Director Ms. Kamal Nayan Pradhan with letter of felicitation as honour for her long contribution at NASC. Dr. Khanal expressed that he is inspired with her loyalty toward profession and dedication toward work. He also regarded her excellence as a professional trainer. Dr. Khanal extended very healthy, happy and satisfied life ahead. He also shared his feeling that material beings could not bring happiness in our life and suggested exploring spiritual facet of life through reading and listening related resources. Dr. Khanal expressed that NASC will make necessary arrangements to engage and create environment to share learning experiences of former employees in the days to come. Executive Director Dr. Khanal also extended best wishes to her better half, Mr. Dinesh Pradhan who was also former member of NASC.