Handover and Submission of Program Monitoring and Evaluation (PMEC) Report 2079/080 to the Executive Director

The handover took place on 21st Bhadra, 2080. PMEC is the monitoring and evaluation unit which carries out monitoring and evaluation of the programs and ensures proper documentation. It is a key unit chaired by Deputy Executive Director with the aim of improving the effectiveness of training, research, consulting and management services of NASC by carefully monitoring and evaluating the programs. Further, this report analyzes status reports, progress notes, feedbacks and offer insights for improving policy and programs for the future based on collected data shared by training management teams and other closely knit units during FY 2079/080. NASC believes in continuous monitoring and evaluation of its training, research and consulting programs to track and measure its performance set against the annual targets. This report presents the overall assessment and feedback on the performance of training, research and consulting and management activities held under NASC during FY 2079/080.