Completion of MDP programme of 8th Level Officers of CAAN

The Management and Development Proramme (MDP) for 8th Level Officers of Civil Aviation Authority Nepal (CAAN) officially concluded on 11 Falun, 2080 (23 February, 2024). The event was chaired by the Executive Director of NASC, Dr. Rajan Khanal. The event was also graced by the Department Head of Public Service Training Department, Mr. Trilochan Pokharel, and the Mr. Binod Kumar Neupane, Director, CAAN. Mr. Tara Prasad Kharel, deputy-director of studies, hosted the programme. 

On behalf of the participants, during the programme, Mr. Deepak Ojha expressed the heartfelt gratitude to NASC and CAAN for organising such a type of training. He further expressed his happiness, among the team, that 5 Modules of the Training are the GURU MANTRA that every professional should learn and implement in their professional carrier. He further added that learning from this course is new learnings which is more and better than the learning from Job. He added that, based on the learning from this training is immensely important that we can apply and do better performance in future. 

Mr. Binod Kumar Neupane expressed that CAAN should be excellent in professional level and such training prorammes will add the competency for professional performance. Similarly, he expected that the training Academy of CAAN can utilize the expert resources of NASC. He concluded that the knowledge training from NASC will be more effective for the better performance of the CAAN officials.

The department head, Mr. Pokharel, congratulated all the participants for the successful completion of the training by appreciating the participants’ effort and activeness and their support in making this training successful. He further added that the training programme is the learning lab from each other. He further added that we believe in daily 1% betterment which results more than 37% betterment in a year. Finally he congratulated all the participants as they have proven that this group has the imagination of transformation of CAAN which is believed to start from this group.

The Executive Director, Dr. Khanal, distributed the training completion certificate to 28 participants. In his concluding remarks, he congratulated the participants for successful completion of the training and expressed the happiness of NASC family as the learning based course modules like EYF, DS were truly successful for gaining the interest of large number of stakeholders. He further added that an organization will only be excellent if everything of the organization is excellent and for this the true ownership and dedication towards the organization plays the vital role. He expressed that the professional will be expert at first, secondly that expertise should be transferred to skill and finally it should be backed up by the Integrity. By highlighting the importance of such training, he added that training will play the important role for modelling and an individual should be involved in both general and specific competency trainings. Finally he agreed that NASC is always open to collaborate with CAAN for providing general competency training. He gave his best wishes to all the participants for their future endeavours.