Commencement of PCMD for EPF

The Professional Course on Management and Development (PCMD) for 6th and 7th Level Officers of Employees Provident Fund (EPF) of Nepal commenced at Bagmati Hall, Mangal Sadan from Mangsir 14, 2079 amidst the gracious presence of dignitaries of Nepal Administrative Staff College (NASC) and EPF. The opening ceremony of the training program was attended by thirty 6th and 7th level officers of EPF.
In the opening ceremony, Senior Director of Studies and Department Head of Public Service Training Department (PSTD) Mr. Tulasi Sharan Sigdel, and Director of Studies and Centre Chief of Center for In-Service Training (CIsT) Mr. Binod Kumar Bista were present as distinguished dignitaries along with the faculties and staffs of NASC. The coordinator of the program Mr. Krishna Bahadur Thapa welcomed the participants and started the formal program.
Director of Studies Mr. Binod Kumar Bista welcomed the participants and briefed about the training program and course, where he emphasized that the course's objective is to make the trainees a performing manager, which stands on the foundation of building integrity, managing relationships, managing resources and delivering results. Then, Senior Director of Studies Mr. Tulasi Sharan Sigdel welcomed the participants mentioning the expectation with the participants from the program so that the final effect of the training will be seen in the service delivery to the various stakeholders of EPF. Mr. Sigdel highlighted how everybody is an expert in their own sector, thus, motivating active participation in order to enrich the learning experience via peer learning and to benefit from the expertise of the resource persons. Lastly, he requested the participants to give honest feedbacks and also communicated that active learning attitude and constructive criticism is highly expected.
The training management team of the PCMD for the 6th and 7th level officers of EPF are Ms. Pritha Paudyal and Mr. Krishna Bahadur Thapa. The program will conclude on Poush 26, 2079.