Closing Ceremony of Managerial Capacity Enhancement Training

Managerial Capacity Enhancement Training organized by the Center for Organizational Development under Management Learning Group for the Senior Scientists of Nepal Agricultural Research Council ended on 16th Chaitra 2078. Twenty-Five officers participated on the 8 days training. The closing ceremony was chaired by Dr Rajan Khanal, Executive Director of NASC. Dr Hari Krishna Shrestha, Executive Director of Nepal Agriculture Research Institute(NARI), Mr. Basanta Raj Sigdel, Senior Director and Mr Binod Kumar Bista, Director of studies were the other dignitaries present on the ceremony.  

Dr Pallavi Kumari Singh spoke on behalf of the participants and stated that the training has been very insightful and it truly justified their intention of attending the training. She emphasized that this training will help them become self-aware and strategic leaders. As she had always dreamt of attending at least one training at NASC, she is delighted to become a part of this training. 

Mr. Sigdel shared that we tried to build new perspectives, and this program has given us positive energy for conducting similar programs in future. He also thanked NARC for requesting to organize such a program as this collaboration between two esteemed institutions was after 15 years. He also shared that we all made our role as meaningful and lively as possible by reflecting and relating the learnings among the facilitators and peers and making necessary resolutions for growth. He assured the group that NASC always embraces feedback and encouraged everyone to give feedback on training via any convenient means. 

Dr Hari K Shrestha expressed that he had envisioned sending the employees of NARC to NASC for such managerial training. As planned and proposed, three such programs for different groups are already conducted. He is hopeful that this program has imparted theoretical and practical knowledge and that the senior scientists will be able to apply the learnings in their day to day work. He also stated that he wants to see positive changes in the management of the units the scientists lead currently.
Dr Khanal, congratulated the participants. He shared that this program enabled the participants to introspect and interact with the facilitators. He reiterated that this program focused on three objectives: enhancing the knowledge, polishing the skills and making behavioural changes to create an impact. He hopes that this program will trigger the participants to take initiation to change their behaviour and way of thinking in personal and professional lives so that it creates a ripple effect. He highlighted that technical employee should have some general managerial skills and this training attempted to impart that knowledge. He also encouraged the participants to continue doing research and play a vital role as advisors to the government in agriculture, which has a significant contribution to the GDP of Nepal. He committed that NASC will make sure to organize similar programs in days to come. 
Ms Shushma Chitrakar hosted the program.