Closing Ceremony of Management Development Programme for Senior (Level 10 and 11) Officers of Rastriya Banijya Bank Limited (RBBL)

The closing ceremony of the Management Development Programme (MDP) for Senior (level 10 and 11) Officers of Rastriya Banijya Bank Limited (RBBL) that commenced on 2079/06/05 was held on 2079/08/02 at Prithvi Hall of Dikshya Sadan. The dignitaries present were Dr. Rajan Khanal, Executive Director of NASC, Mr. Kiran Kumar Shrestha, CEO of RBBL, Mr. Tulasi Sharan Sigdel, Senior Director of Studies, Ms. Saraswati Adhikari, Deputy CEO of RBBL and Mr. Binod Kumar Bista, Director of Studies. Thirty senior officers from RBBL are participating in the program. 
Mr. Trilochan Poudyal from training coordination team hosted the closing ceremony. Mr. Poudyal from the training management team hosted the program by welcoming all the participants and the dignitaries. He called upon Mr. Pawan Regmi as a representative from the participants to provide their feedback on the training program. Mr. Regmi expressed the gratitude of the participants towards the program. The learning they have gained in 30 days has helped them to change their perspectives towards their new role. He appreciated and commented in the content, delivery method, and overall management of the program. He mentioned the expectation of education, experience and exposure from the training program. He also commented on the need of increasing the exposure part for the senior officers so that they can learn from exposure. He also commented on modality for the effectiveness of the training program. He then expressed thanks from all the participants to the training management team for their hard work to support the training program. Then Mr. Poudyal called upon Mr. Sigdel to congratulate the participants and explain about the training program. Mr. Sigdel explained about the formulation of the training program for the senior officials and its importance. He also stressed the need of change management and the role of the participants as a change agent in their respective divisions. He said that this is a first of a kind of training program to carter the needs of senior officers from the banking sector. He also expressed the availability of room for improvement in future days, and thanked the RBBL management for trusting with the training program. Then Mr. Poudyal called upon CEO of RBBL, Mr. Shrestha to put up his thoughts on the training program. Mr. Shrestha congratulated the participants on successfully completing the program. Then he talked about the expectation of NASC, RBBL and participants from the training program. He also mentioned that the participants are the senior officers of RBBL and eventually, they have to put on shoes of management to perform for the betterment of RBBL. He also said the pressure felt by the participants were intentional as they were developing leaders who could perform in the pressure situation. Then, Mr. Poudyal called upon Executive Director of NASC Dr. Khanal to distribute certificate to all participants who successfully completed the training program. Mr. Vinaya Raman Poudel stood top of the class. After distributing, the certificates to the participants Dr. Khanal started his closing remarks mentioning them about the role they are going to perform in their near future to enhance the performance of the RBBL. He also mentioned that learning never stops and they have to continue the will of learning in their life ahead so that they can perform better every single day. He also mentioned that happiness is not in big things but in small things that we do and achieve, so we all have to learn to be happy with the small achievements in our life. Dr. Khanal congratulated and wished for the better future days and life to everyone and thanked RBBL for trusting with the training program.