Closing Ceremony of Leadership Excellence Training for Women Managers

Closing Ceremony of Leadership Excellence Training for Women Managers 

Leadership Excellence Training for Women Mangers organized by the Center for Organizational Development under Management Learning Group for the women managers of public organizations of Nepal ended on 26th June 2022. Twenty-two officers participated on the 3 days training. The closing ceremony was chaired by Mr Basanta Raj Sigdel, Senior Director of NASC. Mr Binod Kumar Bista, Director of studies was present in the ceremony.  

Ms Durga Kumari Kandel spoke on behalf of the participants and stated that right the expectations of the participants matched with what was delivered. She emphasized that this program provided an open platform to speak and put forward all the questions the participants had. NASC has advanced in designing, organizing and delivering the training programs year on year. She also suggested to team to play music and make the participants dance in between the sessions to make it more entertaining and refreshing to the participants. 

Mr Sigdel on his closing remarks expressed his gratitude to all the institutions that sent their representative women managers which made this program successful. He also thanked the participants for their active involvement in classroom and outside classroom activities. He stated that NASC is here to develop leaders who will take initiatives and make a difference in the public service. He also thanked COD team for their relentless effort throughout the planning and execution period. 

The program ended with the chant “We will make a difference” from all the participants. Ms Shushma Chitrakar hosted the program.