Closing ceremony of Leadership Development Programme

Mr. Trilochan Poudyal, Director of Studies and Center Chief of Center for Induction Training (CIT) opened the closing program of the five days training program on Leadership Development Programme for newly appointed gazetted Class I Officer (Joint Secretary). He introduced and welcomed Mr. Bishnu Prasad Lamsal, Deputy Executive Director, and Mr. Tulasi Sharan Sigdel, Senior Director of Studies as dignitaries of the closing program. Eighteen newly appointed class I officers attended and completed the program successfully in virtual mode. On the behalf of the participants, Mr. Padam Nidhi Soti expressed their gratitude towards the NASC team for organizing the training program. He said that the program has helped them to understand their new role and responsibilities. The training program has provided them confidence on how to start their new office and position. Before they had been working as subordinate now they are in decision-making role and the training program has helped them to set their mind to the new role of leadership. He also emphasized the need of extending the program to seven days so they could have input on other aspects required to perform their job. The participant has felt the need of some practical sessions covering the experience sharing on various problems while performing at the position.

Following this, Mr. Tulasi Sharan Sigdel spoke a few words highlighting the design and expectation of the training program. He was happy to listen the fulfillment of expectations to certain extent from the participants. He further expressed that the actual success of the training was the application of the knowledge by the participants in the workplace. He congratulated all the participants for successful completion of the program and wished them a successful career ahead.

At last, Mr. Bishnu Prasad Lamsal heartily congratulated all the participants. He emphasized participants' role towards the public. He also mentioned that the bureaucracy of Nepal is in a critical stage and it is the role of the newly appointed class I officers to maintain honest and integrity to enhance the bureaucratic image. He also expressed that this training was designed to help them understand their role and responsibilities before assuming the new role. He further added that NASC would deem the training successful if the participants would show changes in their work style, attitude, and skill, even if the change were minimal. He again emphasized that learning is a continuous process and it should be a journey for better personal and professional gain. He wished participants his best for their future endeavors and closed the formal program.