Closing Ceremony of B4 Training (Batch 1 & 2)


The certification and closing ceremony of B4 Training (Training of Procurement Management for non-officer level) started on 11th of Kartik 2078. The event was chaired by Executive Director of NASC Dr. Rajan Khanal. Director of Studies and Team Leader for Capacity Development and Professionalization (CDP) Program from NASC Dr. Raghu Bista, a representative from ITC/ILO Mr. Sita Ram Kandel, were present in the closing ceremony along with other NASC Officials. 45 Officers from KSA completed the training program. The program was organized at Prithvi Hall at NASC and hosted by Mr. Shailendra Prasad Bhatt; a Training and Research officer from NASC.

Mr. Ram Kumar Shrestha, representative of participants with his vote of thanks speech thanked NASC, PPMO, World Bank, and ITC/ILO for organizing training on behalf of the group. He shared his reflection of learnings from 3 days of training. Mr. Shrestha thanked all the resource persons involved in the training for the transfer of their knowledge and for sharing valuable experiences. Similarly, Mr. Jagat Poudel added some suggestions for the improvement of training, and requested NASC to organize similar training in future for officials of all levels.

The chair of the program, Dr. Khanal congratulated the participants on the successful completion of the training program and indicated the role of NASC and partner organizations PPMO, World Bank, and ITC/ILO in enhancing the knowledge and skill of the participants as well as the role of participants in developing an attitude to improve public service delivery and various aspects of procurement management. He explained the idea behind the establishment of PPMO as a regulatory for public procurement management and necessity of training like this for the capacity development of institutions and individuals.

The coordination team for B4 Course Dr. Raghu Bista, Mr.Gobinda Bhandari, Mr.Shailendra Prasad Bhatt, Mr. Seejan Paudel and Ms. Anjali Verma, congratulated the participants for completing the training programs.