Closing ceremony of 43rd Senior Executive Development Programme

The closing ceremony of 43rd Senior Executive Development Programme (SEDP) was organized on the 18th of Falgun 2078 amidst the honorable presence of Chief Secretary of Government of Nepal, Executive Director of NASC, Secretary of MoFAGA, Senior Director of Studies of NASC, faculties of NASC and trainee Joint Secretaries of Government of Nepal.

Mr. Binod Kumar Bista, Director of Studies NASC, as the master of ceremony of the event welcomed the participants and the distinguished guests. Tulasi Sharan Sigdel,Senior Director of Studies reflected on the designated objectives of the course and how successful it had been. 

Dr. Radha Wagle, on behalf of all the participants put forward her reflection on the overall learning experience of SEDP with major emphasis on the enhanced knowledge, skills and attitude. She shared that the training provided opportunities to explore knowledge from the experts from various fields and assured the application of the learning at her workplace. She also expressed that NASC should put some improvement efforts in enhancing the quality of online trainings in the future. She further voiced out her optimism that in the days to come, more women leaders would contribute as faculties.

Mr.Suresh Adhikari, Secretary of MoFAGA expressed his sheer optimism that the programme provided the participants with ample opportunities to constructively discuss on the issues and agendas from the management, governance, policy perspectives. He further opined that it was a development programme supporting the efforts for bringing into reality the dream of reform.

Mr Shanker Das Bairagi, Chief Secretary of Government of Nepal distributed the certificate to the graduating participants and presented his gratitude to all the contributing hands for the successful completion of the programme. He encouraged the participants to use the same energy in their working field to bring about amazing results. He motivated the participants to understand the various underlying problems in the system and identify the causes of the financial irregularity and arrears.

Dr. Rajan Khanal presented his closing remarks and congratulated the participants on the successful completion of the programme. He shared practical instances on how identifying the changed role helps leaders bring about wonderful transformations in the public sector. He offered insights on motivating the people in the organization to work for citizen’s welfare.