Appointment and Oath Taking ceremony of Newly recruited Officials

The appointment and oath taking ceremony of newly recruited officials took place on Monday at Maitri Hall. 

With the gracious presence of Executive Director Dr. Rajan Khanal, Deputy - Executive Director Mr. Narayan Gopal Malego, Senior Director of Studies Mr. Bishnu Prasad Lamsal and Mr. Ananda Dhakal, and other director of studies, the event was conducted successfully. 
Mr. Sundar Shrestha was appointed as the Director of Studies and Ms. Gyan Laxmi Shrestha was appointed as the Deputy Director of Studies. Both of them were selected based on merit list from the internal competition. 
Similarly among the new officials, Mr. Krishna Bahadur Thapa and Mr.  Dipak Kumar Patel were appointed as Training and Research Officers while Mr. Raju Pangeni and Ms. Anjali Verma were appointed as Senior Assistant. 
The recruited officials took the oath from the Executive Director Dr. Khanal.
Newly appointed members introduced themselves, shared thier past experience and vowed to be comitted in the responsibilties that will be assigned by the organizaiton.  Dr. Khanal gave a brief introduction about the nature of organization and what the organization is expecting from the newly appointed officials.
The program was hosted by Deputy-Executive Director Mr. Malego.