42nd Senior Executive Development Programme inaugurated

42nd Senior Executive Development Programme was inaugurated virtually on 8 Baisakh 2078 (21 April 2021) amidst the online presence of Executive Director - NASC Dr. Rajan Khanal, Minister of Health and Population Hon’ble Hridayesh Tripathi, Senior Director of Studies - NASC Mr. Bishnu Prasad Lamsal, Mr. Basanta Raj Sigdel and Mr. Tulasi Sharan Sigdel; Directors and NASC faculties. The program was organized upon the request of Ministry of Health and Population for twenty-five senior executives working in health sector.

Senior Director of Studies Mr. Lamsal welcomed the dignitaries and participants of the program and spoke on the design and delivery of the competency based course for strengthening the leadership skills of the senior health executives. He shared that Senior Executive Development Program will harness the leadership tools, techniques and talent for developing a transformational leader. He highlighted on the five modules namely: Leadership, Integrity, Strategic Management, Governance and Policy Management and pointed on the importance of these areas for aspiring Secretaries especially in tackling the unprecedented second wave of Covid among other challenges. He emphasized on the rigorous process adopted by the training program, demanding active participation from the senior officials. He concluded by reassuring the participants that NASC would provide an effective learning environment for enhancing the leadership capacities of the senior health executives thus, assisting in effective and efficient service delivery.

The Chief Guest Hon’ble Minister Tripathi stressed on the significance of the training program and its essentiality for the senior health executives. He shared the various challenges faced by Health sector professionals and pointed on the criticality of the position of the senior health executives. He also suggested NASC to focus efforts in developing an accountable leader and expressed his belief that the quality of leadership of the senior executives would be enhanced through this program. He encouraged the participants to discuss on the complexities and challenges of health sector brought on by the changes in the governance structure for broadening their knowledge horizon. He wished for successful completion of the training and anticipated competent leadership skills for leading the Health sector.

Executive Director Mr. Khanal highlighted on the essence of Senior Executive Development Program and pointed that it has been customized to meet the demands of senior health executives. Also the Chair of the program, Mr. Khanal said that the learning platform would provide an opportunity to the participants to understand the gaps in service delivery and the methods for intervention in those areas through active participation, presentation, assignments and projects in the five modular areas. He stated that the platform presented by NASC would encourage discourse among participants on developing a performing, effective and efficient leader. He also pointed that NASC is willing and equipped for developing the desired knowledge, skills and attitude of the senior officials. Concluding his remarks, he encouraged the participants to present their queries and inquisitiveness to derive the sessions towards more vibrant learning.

The 42nd Senior Executive Development Program will continue until 25 Asoj 2078 (11 October 2021). The program aims at enhancing core competencies of the Senior Executives working in health sector to develop them as a transformational leader and integrity builder with strategic thinking and policy management skills required to strengthen governance system and improve public service delivery. Ms. Shailaja Upadhyaya hosted the opening ceremony which was followed by the commencement of the sessions from leadership module.