Secretary Colloquium

Civil service plays instrumental role in successful implementation of public policies and deliver public services effectively and efficiently. Its orientation toward and ownership of change make a difference in achieving overall transformation goals of the country. Role of the Secretaries as leaders of civil service and government machinery is always crucial to better appreciate or acknowledge the contextual paradigm of governance, redefine policy processes, set strategic direction and lead accordingly. For the purpose, discourse on enhancing perspectives in changing role of senior executives, developing common understanding and building their commitments are key imperatives to move forward in the journey of governance excellence.

In this context, Nepal Administrative Staff College organizes a colloquium to develop perspectives of Secretaries and Special-Class officers of the Government of Nepal in the changing paradigm of leadership in the new system of governance and extend their commitment for making difference. The forum will provide opportunities for the senior level bureaucrats to create a discourse about issues and ways forward in redefining the role of bureaucracy and practicing transformational leadership for realizing full potential of bureaucracy in order to realize the transformation of socio-economic situation of the country as envisioned by the new constitution.

Photo: Secretary Colloquium, 9 Poush 2078 (24 December 2021) Read More