NASC Discussion Series 33

Theme: Ensuring Access to Drinking Water: Innovating Water Governance with reference to Melamchi Water Supply Project

Speaker: Ghanashyam Bhattarai    
Date: 27 November 2016 (12 Mangshir 2073) Sunday  
Time: 10:00-12:00 hrs
Venue: Brihaspati Sadan

In this Discussion Series, the speaker will bring insights from the experiences in ensuring access to drinking water in Kathmandu Valley. Being Chief of Melamchi Water Supply Project, he has extensive experiences in managing national pride development project. Innovation being a much talked issue in public sector, especially in Nepal, which is criticised for being process oriented and low performing, the speaker will also highlight opportunities, environment and competency required of public officials for innovation in public sector citing examples from water governance. 

MMr. Bhattarai is Executive Director of Melamchi Water Supply Development Board. He has long experience in managing development projects in the Government of Nepal. He is admired for large scale project management competency. He is leading the much awaited Melamchi Water Supply Project which will be realized soon next year.