NASC Discussion Series 32

Theme:  Being More Aware and Responsible

Speaker: Sagar Parsai

Date: 21 Bhadra 2072 (9 Sept 2016) Friday

Venue: Prithivi Hall, Dikshya Sadan, NASC

Time: 15:00 - 16:30 hrs

Being more aware and responsible includes an active discussion around pertinent questions like definition and types of disability, different models to understand disability, accessibility and inclusion, barriers and accommodation, person first language, sympathy vs. empathy, disability etiquette and more. At the end of this talk program, participants will have more understanding of what does it mean to have a disability and more importantly, what it doesn't mean to have a disability.

Mr. Prasai is a social activist working specially to promote the rights of persons with disabilities in Nepal. He is also an active social media campaigner. His team are also working with Government of Nepal and other various international agencies like USAID, UN agencies to prepare disability related guidelines and programs and develop socially inclusive programs. He is currently working with National Federation of the Disabled, Nepal as a country coordinator of AWARE (Asian Workplace Approaches that Respects Equality) Project in collaboration with Canadian Govt. and York University and is promoting employment for persons with disabilities in Nepal.