NASC Discussion

Theme: Living with Heritage

Speaker: Veteran Satya Mohan Joshi

Date: 11 December 2016 (26 Mangshir 2073) Sunday   

Time: 13:30-15:30 hrs

Venue: Brihaspati Sadan

Theme: Ensuring Access to Drinking Water: Innovating Water Governance with reference to Melamchi Water Supply Project

Speaker: Ghanashyam Bhattarai    
Date: 27 November 2016 (12 Mangshir 2073) Sunday  
Time: 10:00-12:00 hrs
Venue: Brihaspati Sadan

Theme:  Being More Aware and Responsible

Speaker: Sagar Parsai

Date: 21 Bhadra 2072 (9 Sept 2016) Friday

Venue: Prithivi Hall, Dikshya Sadan, NASC

Time: 15:00 - 16:30 hrs

Theme: Public Sector Governance of Nepal and Bangladesh

Date   :  September 1 2016 (16 Bhadra 2073) Thursday

Time  : 11:00-13:00hrs

Venue: Kailash Hall,  Sampadasadan

Theme: Resilience Thinking and Personal Transformation in the time of Global Crises

Speaker: Professor Bishal Sitaula 

Theme: Disaster Governance in Nepal: Policy, Practice and Challenges

Speaker: Dr. Chandra Lal Pandey

Date: 13 Srawan 2073 (28 July 2016)

Venue: Khaptad Hall, Dikshya Sadan, NASC

Theme: YOGA: Why and How Meditation 

Speaker: Ramesh Nepal

Date: 2073/3/31 (15 July 2016)

Time: 14:00-15:30

Venue: Sagarmatha Hall, NASC

Theme: Rethinking Public Administration for Deepening Deliberative Governance: Insights from forest governance practices in Nepal

Speaker: Dr. Hemant Ojha

Date: 30 May 2016 (17 Jestha 2073)

Venue: Khaptad Hall, Dikshya Sadan

Time: 15:00-17:00 Hrs

Theme: Federalization in Nepal: Understanding, Opportunities, Complexities and Way Forward

Speaker: Trilochan Pokharel, Director of Studies, NASC

Date: 11 April 2016 (29 Chaitra 2072)

Venue: Malika Hall, Dikhsya Sadan

Theme: Governance:  An Enigmatic concept or a robust framework? An Overview of South Asian Context

Speaker: Prof Dr Salahuddin M. Aminuzzaman, Professor, Dept of Public Administration, University of Dhaka, & Adviser, Public Policy & Governance Program, North South University, Bangladesh