NASC Discussion Series 26

Theme: Federalization in Nepal: Understanding, Opportunities, Complexities and Way Forward

Speaker: Trilochan Pokharel, Director of Studies, NASC

Date: 11 April 2016 (29 Chaitra 2072)

Venue: Malika Hall, Dikhsya Sadan

On 20 September 2015, the Constituent Assembly promulgated the Constitution of Nepal, thereby federalizing Nepal’s unitary system into federal system with constitutional allocation of functions at Federal, Provincial and Local level. It is, indeed, necessary to build knowledge on the federalization prospects and constitutional provisions that will shape future governance system. This presentation will bring a summary of principles of the Constitution, especially focusing on allocation of functions on three orders of the government.   

Trilochan Pokharel, Director of Studies, Nepal Administrative Staff College, is working in a team for providing a proposal for ‘Institutional Arrangement of the Government of Nepal under Federal Constitution’ for the Ministry of General Administration. In this presentation, he will share learning from the exercise.