Procurement Unit


Ensure sufficient supplies of goods and services and purchase them as per NASC 's  requirements   within  Financial  Rules  of  NASC  and  monitor  and  control purchasing activities under the guidance of MSD


The main functions of PU are as follows:

•   Prepare  procurement  plan  determining  goods  and  services  required  forNASC;

•   Prepare specifications for formal bids;

•   Review, modify, and approve specifications as and when necessary;

•    Determine adequacy of bid rejection rationale, and authorizes rejection of formal bids;

•   Resolve vendor specification appeals;

•   Determine contract terms and conditions;

•   Prepare and negotiate contracts for specialized services;

•    Negotiate  for resolving  conflicts  aroused due to the breach of terms of contract;

•   Select vendors for supply of goods and services;

•    Collect    and    maintains    information    regarding    required    products, equipments,  and  service  to  ensure  their  availability  in  need  with  their quality and quantity;

•   Maintain a comprehensive list of goods suppliers and service providers;

•   Monitor and control purchasing activities;

•    Advise procurement staffs in purchasing requirements and procedures, and assist in need;

•   Recommend for payment to Finance and Account Unit.

•   Perform other functions related to procurements.

Key Result Area

•   Preparation of procurement plan

•   Determination of  product or equipment requirement

•   Specification of formal bids and its review, modification, rejection etc.

•   Terms and condition of contracts

•   Selection of vendors

•   Monitoring and controlling purchasing activities


Key Performance Indicators

•   Status of procurement plan

•   Determination status of product or equipment required for NASC

•   Status of specification of product or equipment

•   Clarity status of terms and condition of contracts

•    Appropriateness  status  of  goods  ,  equipments  and  other  services  to  be procured at NASC